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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

health update and old age crazy car

I've been recovering a lot more quickly than I'd anticipated. And yep, I've been enjoying a lazy summer wading at Callaghan's Rapids Conservation Area almost every sunny and hot summer day recently. I've even managed to tan the foot long incision so that it hardly shows now. Of course I don't know what's going on inside my guts and how well the colon is healing, and I wasn't given instructions on how long it should take, or how active I should be, etc., so I'm just hoping I'm doing the right things by not being too active. I don't get or give a report with my surgeon until mid-September,  when I'll learn if the lymphatics which were stripped near the tumour were also cancerous. If so, I'll be scheduled for chemo and such - arrgggh. Fingers and toes crossed!

It may have been a subconscious anticipation, but I'm glad I took out the reverse mortgage loan back in March. I feel like I'm in a late-in-life reprieve after the life saving operation, and I want to enjoy this anticipated final decade (if I'm lucky) of my life. So a few weeks ago I bought a middle age crazy sports car. I think I'm regressing to my teen years, pre the hippie phase, when I tooled around in cheap but very cool British sports cars like an MGA and two bugeye Healey sprites  :  )- When I decided the hippie thing was more suited my personality I traded the MG for a beat-up old VW, but at age 74 I'm now zipping around in a 2006 Mazda miata. It's cliche red with red leather bucket seats, a 6 speed, dual exhaust, and 170 horse power. I used to be dismissive of miatas as a "chicks' car", but the newer models are a lot spunkier and sophisticated than the earlier ones.



See original image 

not my car, but same year and colour

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