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Saturday, 16 May 2020

update Eel Pie Island Dharma screenplay (still alive and kicking!)

Hi Sam (and Tom),

Hi Sam and Tom,

Good to hear the EPID screenplay hasn't been forgotten - thanks for letting me know the current state of progress. A  concern was that all your work might have been waylaid and left to moulder on a dusty shelf, so I'm pleased to learn the project is still very much alive! I believe that the pause caused by the current state of pandemic gives us some time to reflect on what sort of future we want to emerge into. There is some similarity to the hippy era of the 1960s, when many of us sought alternative lifestyles to the corrupt and dehumanizing capitalist system. I agree with you that looking back half a century now may give some artistic guidance in looking forward to the next half century and beyond.

I'd be pleased to review the script when you're ready. No rush . . . when you think the time is right.

Great to learn that Tom has been getting some acting gigs - hope they pay well and are artistically challenging. I've been watching some Brit TV series and doing my daily hikes on the local trails and roads. My lowkey conserver lifestyle really hasn't been affected much - the only thing I really miss is dining at the Asian restaurants in Belleville. The covid virus hasn't hit Canada to the extent it has in much of the world, and there hasn't been a new infection in my county for 2 weeks now. We're in the boonies, and not jammed together like people in the big cities. I hope you, Tom and your families and friends are also keeping safe and sane. Somehow I don't see Twickenham as a virus epicenter.

Keep safe, and keep writing  :  )

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Cowboy Bill's pandemic poem: To Touch

To touch...

Amid the chaos of mindfulness

Deferring hugs, kisses, handshakes and pats on the back

Persevering through the despair of loss

Alert and vigilant of the weakest among us

Where hope is the brightest light at the end

To once again indulge the humanistic need

... to Touch!