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Saturday, 26 May 2018

first summer visit to Callaghan's Rapids

Today was one of my annual rites of summer - first visit to Callaghan's Rapids to wade around and start a base tan for the season. Only 2 other cars in the parking lot, and I never ran into another human during my hour+ wade. The distant annoying buzzing of at least one stupid fucker on an ATV tho. The water was a bit higher and colder than expected, but I soon acclimatized and after half an hour in the hot sun the water was really refreshing. Only major encounter was with a largish water snake, who was a bit nervous about sharing the shoreline.

                                               no ATV marks

                                               on this mother snake -

                                               two summers ago

                                               placing her squashed body
                                               on a bier of moss

                                               I wanna beat
                                               all the vandal ATVers
                                               with my walking stick!

After my nap and evening chat with my friend Sylvia I finished planting my new little rock garden at dusk. Very chuffed with the results.

My UK communard friend Weed sent a thank you for the batch of nature pics I forwarded to him. Apparently there isn't much wildlife left in the small conservation area near his home, not even lizards and snakes. arrgggh  Reminds me of why I returned to the wilds of north amerika.

                                                            ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2018-05-27, at 11:02 AM, Leora Berman wrote:

Great Blog Chris. Thanks for sharing. And it’s a sad state about the few places left for wildlife to live’s why I keep doing what I do...and I would gather too it’s why you blog too.
Yours in conservation