Visiting ZenRiver Gardens

I am glad to do a poetry presentation at the PurdyFest event and camped at ZenRiver Gardens. My family enjoyed the visiting and had a good time. I wrote this poem as a tribute to the Host Chris Fairers and other poets…
I also chose some nice photos for ZenRiver Gardens to match the poem in Haiku Seqence.
Visiting ZenRiver Gardens
upon a bridge
prayer flags sway
Chris’ smiling waves
pulling over my car
John’s welcome
repels mosquito’s bite
among fresh trails
Chase tours us
through a flowery bank
on the new-mown field
sparse tents
overlook starry nights
river ripples
Jim’s chants flicker
an oil lamp
a firecracker
bursts into the sky
good night settles
away from cities
silence fills in…
Jason’s soft snoring
dewdrops heavier
roll to my side —
my son, soundly
 still in a dream
the Zen River Garden
in twilight woodpeckers call
break the morning mist
a bridge to the fore
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