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Friday, 29 June 2018


Yesterday I hit the milestone of 70 years on this "strange, beautiful, grass of green/Earth with your manlike thinking machine - but your people they do not understand . . ."   Jimi

Yes, old fartdom had offishally arrived! So far I haven't even given a one finger wave to my dad to remind him that I've outlived him  ;  )-

I'm trying to remember to walk with more of a stoop, and all of my teeth and hair fell out before I woke up this morning. I also wet the bed, but at least I didn't poop in it. I shook my walking stick at every young person I met on my walk, and yelled obscenities at cars I thought were driving too fast past my house. After brekkie I put my milk back in the oven, remembered to wash my face with toothpaste, and brushed my teeth with soap. Jeez, it's fun becoming ancient - never know what I'm going to do wrong next!!!  (except I probably won't remember, so it doesn't matter anyway)

Very hot and humid here, so I decided not to wear any pants on my walk. The policeman who drove me home was very polite, and this event reminded me of when the second grade teacher drove me home just after we moved to Florida, and I didn't know where our house was! Memories, memories. Terry is right, we start reliving our lives, old habits and lifelong patterns die hard and all that!