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Friday, 3 December 2021

Apartheid invented in Canada (?)

 Here's another reply to my Toronto Star letter-to-the-editor published in my previous blog posting:


Good letter.

Yeah, it's the same old shit.   And actually, as I understand it, there was a delegation from South Africa's National Party that visited Canada in the 1940's to study Canada's reserve system and used it as a "model" for the apartheid system.

Basically, apartheid was invented in Canada.

We got out to a couple of the rail blockades in Toronto before the "great plague".   The cops don't really do anything if settler supporters and the media are around.

The RCMP has been arresting journalists (mostly indy journalists) in B.C. because they don't want any cameras around when they do their dirty work.

People might these days take videos with cellphone cameras, but they usually only make it on to Twitter and Facebook.   The Dudley-Do-Wrongs seem to be able to live with limited coverage like that.

The RCMP though are the worst cops by far in this country.

Keep up the fight!