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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Alliance Forces Kinder Morgan to Flinch!

Dear Chris,

Kinder Morgan just flinched.

The Texas pipeline company announced it is putting a halt to spending on its Trans Mountain oil tanker project and “suspending all non-essential activities”.

Pro-pipeline politicians are furious. They’re vowing to do whatever it takes to ram this project through.

B.C. Premier John Horgan is about to face a tidal wave of pressure like we have never seen. Tell Horgan he’s on the right side of history. Tell him to stand strong!

Kinder Morgan’s press release comes 24 hours after Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and allies from across the province blockaded Kinder Morgan’s tank farm in Burnaby.

Phillip called Kinder Morgan’s bluff – and the company folded. The Texans refused to call police to arrest B.C.’s most prominent Indigenous leaders, choosing to lose a day of work instead. Today we found out why.

Kinder Morgan is bound by corporate logic. Its shareholders don’t want to lose money trying to build a pipeline through B.C.

But for Stephen Harper’s former ministers like Jason Kenney, this is ideological. And for Justin Trudeau, it’s personal. He vowed in Victoria last week that he will get the Kinder Morgan project built.

Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley are about to unleash holy hell on B.C. Premier John Horgan. They know if they convince the B.C. government to back down, they can remove a key obstacle for Kinder Morgan and keep the pipeline alive.

Write to John Horgan right now. Tell him to stand with Indigenous leaders and the voters of British Columbia. Tell him not to back down in the face of threats.

Thank you for taking action,

Kai Nagata

P.S. If the B.C. government stands firm, this is the beginning of the end for Kinder Morgan. But if they buckle, Ottawa and Alberta know they can walk all over us. Send Premier Horgan a message today.

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On 2018-04-09, at 10:04 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Chris!!! In the midst of much despair this turn of events
is almost arch-angelic.   There does come a turning point in
destiny and we are probably going to live to see it.  This event
will have tremendous implications for the way we develop and treat
our vital natural world.  You were part of it dear friend.   I believe we
will win this one and begin to reverse the corrupt ways we have been
governed.     Thanks for this electric missive,  it will be the sun of my day.

                                                           .    .    .    .

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support, Katherine!  You're even more positive than I am about this victory  :  ) I'm surprised that a close friend is very skeptical that this is the beginning of the end for the KM pipeline. She believes the general public isn't supportive of stopping the pipeline, and of course there's the Selfie-Made Man hisself, his over arching ego on the line. Jeez, Justin, you backed down on some of your key campaign promises like electoral reform, so why not back off on your love for the KM pipeline and live up to your "Sunny Ways" promise.

in solidarity,