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Monday, 18 February 2019

ZenRiver movie reviews

In the depths of a small town Ontario winter there isn't much to do besides hike on the snowy trails, read, and watch movies. As an opinionated guy, who discovers hidden gems from time to time, thought I'd start posting some reviews.

movie:  Hell and High Water (2016)
rating:   all six rounds, pardner

Hell or High Water

Been watching movies every coupla nights with Morley. Recently watched the first 2 '"Hunger Games" - better than expected. Also saw a lower budget film starring The Dude - a western/buddy/heist flick called "Hell and High Water". Loved it - usually  find these 'small' films far more interesting than the blockbusters. The Coen Bros should have made this one - far better than 'Buster Scruggs".

Thanks Dr. J for reminding me to check out the reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes  site- doing so inspired me to start my own movie postings. Often forget to check out the site for good ideas. I've been getting Morley to try to find "Shoplifters" for a month or more, but so far no luck. It rates 99% on RT. Good little mini-reviews as well on RT. One guy said "Hell or High Water" is for squares who don't get the Coen Bros. fxxk that - it's a lot smarter, more fun, "sensitive", faster paced and far more politikally aware  than the last bunch of Coen flicks. Maybe the Cbros peaked in the 90s with The Dude and Fargo.

                                                                     !    !    !    !

Movie:  Sleeping Giant
Rating: Standing on the floorless lookout at Sleeping Giant park for 5 minutes without peeing yourself!

This Canadian flick was perhaps the movie I most enjoyed last winter.

Sleeping Giant (film).jpg

I admit to a major weakness for coming of age films, and this is the perfect sequel to Stand By Me, with the lads a couple of years older. I heard about the movie when the director was interviewed on CBC radio's Q program. Apparently the two local cousins (and their real life grandma) were recruited through a Craigslist ad! Gotta love it - the non-pro locals are the best thing in the movie. Great scenery of course - I've explored the Sleeping Giant park near Thunder Bay the past two summers. The lads delight in the mindless joys of teen petty delinquency while learning the often ambiguous groundwork of adulthood. Reminds me of when around age 14 a friend and I 'borrowed' a beat-up construction truck and drove it around our neighbourhood, including our friends' front yards.  

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Poetry course and new collection from Pearl Pirie

The course on short-poems rides again. This time, 4 weeks instead of 6 and at a special class website so your shared poems stay private, not eaten by the FB-monster.

It is 4 classes on the topics of: Editing tighter, Haiku and Senryu, Short Lyric Poems and Minimalism in all its diversity. It is $180 for about 12 hours of principles, exemplary poems, resources, exercises, and discussion of the principles, process and your poems.

Register at Thinkific now. It starts this week.

I have a new chapbook out from Frog Hollow
That's the Other Big News.

This is a press I'm very happy to be with. They made a gorgeous object, print run of 100 copies. You can get it from Frog Hollow Press. Or get a signed copy from me.

The poems navigate disability and love.

That's not all
I'll be giving a reading in under a week from now:

Invisible Books has taken over Chaudiere titles. Since they also got the imprint of Snare, that means I'm a 2x Invisible author.
February 15th, 2019, 7:30 pm. lovingly hosted by Chaudiere Books co-publisher rob mclennan with appearances by co-publisher Christine McNair and Invisible Publishing’s Leigh Nash
Where? Vimy Brewing Company, 145 Loretta Ave N #1, Ottawa, ON
Readings by Anita Dolman, Amanda Earl, Jennifer Londry, rob mclennan, Pearl Pirie, Monty Reid and Chris Turnbull
Also, let me know if you want to be in the loop about KaDo. Our haiku and tanka group is also meeting in the next couple weeks.