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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Snow Lion Meditation Shop closing sale



40% off on all items in the store

50% off all items August 15th until closing

Books 50%-80% off / Thangkas 50% Off


Over 40 years we have heard many lovely  stories how Snow Lion has inspired and helped in challenging times and been an oasis  of peace. Many have shared tea and a chat with Theodore and staff.
If you have a story about your experience with Snow Lion, please let us know and we will share some of them with you.  Meditation products will continue to be offered online as Theodore transitions to teaching and leading retreats and workshops.

Wishing Blessings to everyone excluding none.
We will still maintain an online presence through our website.

Snow Lion Staff

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Snow Lion: The Meditation Shop
708A Pape Ave.
Toronto, ON M4K 3S7
416 461-1611

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Hi Theodore,

I'm sad to learn that Snow Lion is closing, but it had a great run, as theatre people say  :  )-  Snow Lion was an oasis of tranquility and peacefulness directly across from the frenetic Pape Subway station. When in transit it was always relaxing to look across at the strings of prayer flags peeping above your garden walls.

The first time I visited Snow Lion was after my wrongful dismissal after serving a decade as a village librarian. As in my past, in times of personal turmoil I turn to Buddhist thought, and I remember wandering up Pape Avenue from the depths of Queen Street to visit the first time. You instantly intuited that I was a kindred soul of some sort, and we recited poems to each other. Several years later you kindly visited the Purdy Country Literary Festivals I was hosting at my ZenRiver Gardens retreat in Marmora. I remember you sharing your poems while standing on the island in the middle of the Crowe River, masterfully reciting your words of wisdom amidst the ebb and flow of the river, time, and history.

Although I'm sure managing Snow Lion was far from a lucrative enterprise, you generously treated several of us to breakfast at The Marmora Inn. Remembering your tale of choking on dessert while a young student at a monastery still makes me chuckle  :  )-

Namaste, Theordore, to you and all the staff and sangha who created the magic of Snow Lion Meditation Shop.

peace & poetry power!