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Monday, 31 December 2012

full moon clarity for 2013 ~ Ed Baker's wishes

here is my just-done Knew Year's piece:

as per usual
there's a story

a TRUE what-happened
evening that is forever
behind the image that's been
in my mind for lo-these-many-years

in some circles / ensōs my original koan.....

have the best new year (2013) EVER,



Best Wishes for 2013, Ed  ;  )
We survived the 2012 BS - still alive, still above ground & still writing & publishing our hotshit poetry!

I'll enjoy your New Year's 'medical prescription' with pleasure!!!!

peace & poetry power & ~ health, wisdom & all that good stuff for yet another year on this hillbilly planet  ;  )

Chris ... and Chase Wrooooooooooooooof! (which means what I already said, but far more articulately)

had to post your haiga/New Year wishes ...