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Saturday, 24 September 2022

The Confederation Poets: The Founding of a Canadian Poetry 1880 to the First World War (James Deahl)


Front Cover

The Confederation Poets: The Founding of a Canadian Poetry, 1880 to the First World War was published by Guernica Editions a month ago. It is available through bookshops across Canada. Of this book, Elspeth Cameron as written:

         This book is amazing. I am very impressed at the way you contextualize Indigenous matters, something I, at least, have not seen before. Your handling of the D.C. Scott section is excellent, for that and other reasons. Also Pauline Johnson section.
         You also introduce Hensley, Herbin, Harrison, Wetherald, and Coleman to the standard roster of Confed Poets.
         You introduce each poet, in chronological order and draw connections between and among them.
         I really, really think highly of this book. Bravo!

         The book store price is $25. Here are the details:

James Deahl

The Confederation Poets: The Founding of a Canadian Poetry, 1880 to the First World War

ISBN: 9781771837477

Published: August 2022 by Guernica Editions

Toronto, Chicago, Buffalo, & Lancaster (England)

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

supporter: students suing government over climate change



Dear Chris,

Today’s our last day of the Mathur et. al. youth climate case hearing. If you’ve been following along via the live stream or on social media, you’ll have seen it’s been a challenging week, but we knew that going in. It’s a reminder of how much is at stake.

Here’s what one of our clients, Shaelyn Wabegijig, had to say: “I’m part of this lawsuit for everyone, for future generations and for our non-human relatives. If I ever bring children into this world, I want to be able to share healthy air, land and water, a safe climate, and my culture.”

The outcome of this case is in the judges’s hands, but there’s something that’s in your hands.

Chris, there are only a few hours left to make a special donation to Ecojustice. Remember, your gift will have twice the impact thanks to our latest donor Carla Reed, an Ecojustice supporter from Maple Ridge, B.C., who has given an outstanding gift of $25,000. We are now able to match all gifts up to an outstanding $105,000! Donate now to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks to the support of inspiring people like you, and the bravery of clients like Shaelyn, we’re able to fight for a healthier and safer world every single day. Not just the days we’re in court.  

We will never take your support for granted.

Thank you,
Devon Page,
executive director

P.S. Don’t let today pass without making a stand for the planet. Please give now.

Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity.
Help us build the case for a better earth.             

We are all on Indigenous land. Ecojustice operates on the sacred, ancestral, and traditional territories of many diverse and distinct Indigenous Peoples and Nations.

425 Carrall Street, Suite 390, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6E3
Toll Free 1-800-926-7744