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Saturday, 16 April 2022

A poem I wrote on Ferlinghetti : Patrick Connors

 Finding Myself

Strive to change the world
in such a way that there's
no further need to be a dissident.
Ferlinghetti, Poetry as Insurgent Art, page 8

Rising up from deep within
the very core of my being
the essence of who I am

underneath my public image
is the need to find myself 
someone to admire.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti spoke the words
the world needed to hear
at that exact moment.

Best of the Beats
because he promoted the rest
above himself.

Paragon of enlightenment
inspirer of a new way of being
artistic role model.

Ferlinghetti would have loathed
such titles based on what
little I know about him.

He would have frowned
if not downright sneered
at such fanboy foppery.

In the same way
many reading or hearing this could be offended
by words like humanist, socialist,

countercultural, malcontent, protester,
activist, freethinker, nonconformist.

In the Coney Island of My Mind
- or, more accurately, Exhibition Place -
I get to play with words

turn image into meaning and back again
with enough musicality to form a poetry
of concise language and complex thought

imagine these words
making this world a better place
at least for a moment

and believe if I say them with clarity
and integrity for long enough
you may just listen to me.