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Thursday, 9 June 2022

had major surgery, recovering well

 Thanks for the prayers and concern of my many friends and acquaintances  :  )  I've learned that many of you have just heard the most bare bones account of my situation, so here it is in a nutshell. I'll try to expand on the details as I recover, and may write some sort of a comparison of my recent hospital stay with my first and only previous hospital stay over 40 decades ago in Toronto. Quite the difference. 


 I went into Emerg at Cford Hospital at 3 am last Wed. When they did blood work my hemoglobin count was 40, and it should be 160 in an adult male. When they did an MRI it showed a large blockage in my colon, which had to be removed.

Cford sent me to the Pboro Hospital in the west side for surgery (Peterborough Regional Health Centre). It took a few days and eight (!) blood transfusions to get my hemoglobin count high enough for the operation. The op was Sat. morning by Dr. Ebisuzaki and a great support team,  and so far successful. Dr. Ebisuzaki cut out the section of the colon with the tumor and sewed the colon back together!!!  Modern medicine is quite the miracle. So far I feel good, all things considered, and I seem to be regaining some of the strength of my "old self". So far no  pain when I'm sitting or lying still, or walking carefully. I get the band of industrial sized staples removed on next Tues., although I think they look kind of spiffy, and I'm sure some people would pay many hundreds of dollars for such a display of body art.


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Weed said...

wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery Chris!