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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

First draft "Eel Pie Dharma: The Movie" completed

On 2018-08-14, at 12:42 PM, Tom Hanson wrote:

Dear Chris,

I’m very pleased to tell you that today at 17:38 we completed the first draft of Eel Pie Dharma - The Movie. It took us just over a year, but we fucking did it! It’s 111 pages and needs a hell of a lot of rewriting but we finally got to the end.

We’re elated to have finished, but the hard work begins now.

I know that Sam wants to write you regarding scenes etc so I will leave that to him but I thought I’d just drop you this note to let you know and to send you some positive vibes.

All the very best and thanks again for allowing us to use your amazing story.

Tom x

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Congrats Tom and Sam!

As we babbled in awe in our hippie days, WOW!  FAR OUT! TOO MUCH!

I'm looking forward to helping Sam in any way I can with filling in the deets for specific scenes. EPID was meant to be the outline for a novel, which turned into a memoir, which evolved into a haibun - and now a movie script!!! So there are many interesting escapades and incidents which didn't make it into my pages, but which may be helpful for fleshing out your script. Last night on a whim I clicked on a youtube vid of Humble Pie singing '30 days in the hole', and ended up reminiscing and watching vids of 60s groups for 2 1/2 hours, so the memory banks are somewhat refreshened  :  )

And of course thanks to both of you, Tom and Sam, for taking such an interest in my story and the story of so many others who lived in those beautifully creative and turbulent times!

peace and continued inspiration!



Dr. John said...

Great to hear the good news! Now the fun begins. The main thing is the first hurdle has been dealt with.

PAX said...

Great news Chris!! Woohoo!! Have a good trip!