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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

mini-LivesayFest in Montreal courtesy of Katharine Beeman

On 2013-07-08, at 12:15 PM, Katharine Beeman wrote:

Hi Chris (and Chase) and Tai,

Well, I was hoping the work I took on would be finished in time for me to organize myself to come but it isn't, sigh. Next year for sure!!!! So, here I will participate in the First Peoples Festival again 3rd August, AND, later that week I would like to organize a small reading in my patio, in honor of Purdy Fest and the CCLA Fest, inviting as many as will fit (11-12) to bring appropriate stuff, including Dorothy Livesay poems, a Petit-Festival-Purdy-CCLA-Q(uebec), so I can feel myself with you and also imbue some more people here, who never particpated in either, only heard me talk about it, with the sense of it. What do you think?

Of course, I will miss you, and patting Chase and the sound of the River sleeping in a tent, but it's something...

Big hugs, Katharine

                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Hi Katharine,
(sniff) We'll miss you yet again at PurdyFest. Every year I mow
the special campsite you created at the river's edge on the easternmost
corner of ZenRiver Gardens. One of these summers you'll enjoy camping
there again & listening to the river dakinis singing all night  :  )

Holding a mini-Purdy/Livesay/CCLA/People'sPoetry Fest in Montreal
is the ultimate compliment for our fests. Great idea! I helped my friend
Sylvia dig a small garden in her front yard this week, & we saved as many
of the spring bulbs as we could find. There were also tiny bulbets in the
earth, & we saved these as well, for they are future spring flowers.
MontrealFest is a bulbet from our Hastings County Purdy Country Fests,
& this is the nicest tribute we could hope for! Best wishes for
a great FIRST Montreal/People'sPoetryFest!!!

We'll be thinking of you & our Quebec poetry comrades all during this summer's
'LivesayFest'  :  )

peace & poetry power!
Chris & Chase wfffffffffffffffffffff (a deflated wfff from Chase, who'll miss getting his delightful bellyrubs)

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