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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

brokeass poet's financial advice

One of my retirement guilty pleasures is browsing the 'rants & raves' section of Craigslist. Last night I read the plight of a student in Toronto who dropped out of university and was very concerned about his financial future. I posted this dubious advice, and surprisingly received a couple of compliments on the posting. So herewith:

another 2 cents for 'dropped out of skool' (outta Hogtown)

There's some excellent advice in the other postings offering advice to this ex-student. My 2 cents worth is to GET THE HECK OUT OF TO and buy a cheap house in a place like Peterborough or Belleville. You can still buy nice houses there which are huge by TO's standards for well under $200K - maybe even under $150. Pool your money with your roomie and your girlfriend. Doesn't matter if you have to take shit menial jobs, you'll still be earning over $12 an hour, and you should have no probs financing a decent house among several of you. Jeez, even dare to be entrepreneurial & rent out some extra bedrooms to students at Trent U or Loyalist College.

Build some equity - stop making landlords rich & start looking after yourselves by securing a home base. I was in my early 30s, earning $12K a year, when I started studying how native Canadians manage to become middle class & secure. I read Garth Turner, who had a column in the TO Scum paper, & bought his book on investing. The dude is still giving free financial advice online in a blog I discovered tonight when I couldn't remember his first name ; )- I mortgaged myself to the hilt to buy a semi in a rough part of TO, took in a selection of roomies over the 4 years I lived there, fixed the shack up, & sold it in the boom of the late 1980s for triple what I'd paid.

Then I moved out of TO, which I loved & still miss but I do manage to visit time to time. I haven't had a mortgage in over a quarter century since. Not having a mortgage has freed me to follow my life's artistic passions (5 or 6 legit books published) and to also pursue careers and credentials in several varied & interesting occupations (chef's papers, real estate license, provincial library management certificate plus lots of free time to read, write & explore nature in rural Ontario).

Sadly, beautiful & multicultural as TO is, it can be a trap for younger people like you & your friends. Our Canadian tax system is structured so you don't pay tax on any profit made when you sell your primary residence. Buying an affordable house is by far the best investment you can make for your futures. Tough it out for a few years building your initial equity in a smaller center like Pborough or Bville (Hamilton is already too popular & publicized), & then sell to get the equity for your own houses. Or become an investor and buy multi residences like triplexes. A friend from a very poor family did this, & he now has a net worth in the multi millions.

Me, I'm happy to have lived rent & mortgage free for over 25 years, my little house has doubled rather than tripled like my lucky TO starter, but I figure I've saved spending at least $60 or $70K in rent or mortgage payments each decade by cashing out of the TO boom & buying a smaller (but far nicer house).

Good luck to you ; )- and consider buying and/or reading Garth Turner's financial advice

Saturday, 14 November 2015

James Deahl book launch: back to his roots at Main Street Library

November 14, 2015

Dear Chris and Chase,

         Here is the info on my book
launch, including the PR done by
the Toronto Public Library (attac

November 14, 2015

Dear Chris and Chase,

         Here is the info on my book launch, including the PR done by the Toronto Public Library (attached).

         The reason for the Main Street Library is that 30 years ago you hosted the book launch of my No Cold Ash there. (And later that night the Canadian Poetry Association was founded.) With my new book I thought it would be fun to return to my roots.

         . . . James

The Toronto Public Library

Main Street Branch
137 Main Street 

presents the launch of:

Unbroken Lines: Collected Poetic Prose1990 - 2015
by James Deahl


Wednesday, November 18, 2015  7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Featuring James Deahl & special friends:

Norma West Linder

Michael Mirolla

Patrick Connors

for more info & directions:

416 – 393-7700

                                            ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Hi James,
Thanks for the info on your book launch this Thursday - I learned about it thru a phone chat with Terry a couple of nights ago. I immediately knew why you had chosen the good old Main Street Library - yep, somehow 3 decades have slipped by since I founded the poetry series there (Nov. 15, 1979!). After I got your email I started reminiscing, which led to opening the guest book for the series, which I kept from day one.

It seems like a dream now, esp. later that night (Jan. 16/85) when we stumbled down to the Beaches to celebrate at The Balmy Arms Pub. I remember slapping a fiver on the beer soaked table and announcing that the Canadian Poetry Association (R.I.P.) was officially founded, and you, Shaunt, Wayne Ray, Carol, Terry etc. slapping your bills down as well ... and ... well, we done did it, for whatever it was worth ;  )

Some other tidbits of historical interest from that night. Your co-reader was Doug Stewart, who was retiring as the head publicity person for Toronto Public Library. Marty Singleton was one of the 7 readers in the open set (the only other reader listed in the guest book whom I clearly remember was Dennis Chiasson).

Anyway, Congrats & best wishes for a successful launch, and altho it's unlikely, I hope a pint or two is hosted after the event at The Barmy Arms (if it's still there).

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase Wrffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

another memory ... I'm pretty sure I got you on the Canada Council readers list with this book launch. I also got Robert Priest, Bruce Hunter and a number of other poets I featured at Main Street on the Canada Cow list in the 1980s.

here's the blog posting on Riffs & Ripps (don't know why the large, bold type came up):

                                                    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2015-11-19, at 1:55 PM, Henry Martinuk wrote:

Hi Chris,
I'm attaching several photos from James Deahl's book launch at the Main St. Library last night. The rain didn't keep people away and the branch librarian made us feel welcome with tea & timbits.
    In his intro, James talked about his time at Main St. & mentioned that it was 30 years since his last book launch at the branch. He spoke about the glory years when Chris Faiers was active in the community and organized the many readings that the branch was famous for.
    When the host librarian welcomed the audience, he mentioned that he wants to encourage author events in the branch. Great words to hear!
    James introduced his "friends" as they read, including Patrick Conners, Norma West Linder & Guernica Editions publisher Michael Mirolla. The audience responded warmly to the authors. James acknowledged that his three daughters and their significant others were at the book launch.
    A good way to spend a Wednesday evening!
cheers, Henry

p.s. give dear Chase a good pat from me! Thanks!

<2 Main Library Librarian intro DSC01531 .JPG><4 Patrick Connors DSC01536.JPG><5 Norma West Linder DSC01541.JPG><6 Michael Mirolla - Guernica publisher DSC01545.JPG><7 James Deahl Unbroken Lines DSC01546 .JPG><8 James Deahl UnbrokenLines DSC01550.JPG>