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Saturday, 5 May 2018

pipeline illogic/garden yoga: hyacinths, lilacs and voyeur deer

I've been waiting all spring looong to do some major garden yoga :  )  Actually started doing stuff about a week ago, and trying to resist the urge to plant things prematurely. My daffs & narcissus(i) have come & gone, but the hyacinths are still doing their thing. For some reason this confusing weather has been positive for my tulips - no idea why they've suddenly decided to put on a display. No wind damage that I've discovered, but a lot of the smaller dead branches from when hydro/bell trimmed my big maple last summer finally got knocked loose.

                              hyacinth scent

                              I wave to my dad
                              with one finger

Prob a good idea to either get your grandfather oak trimmed in a major way or cut down (arrrggh). Enjoy  the lilacs - I remember how much I enjoyed finding them in bloom everywhere I drove my first spring here - jeez, that was 29 springs ago! Trilliums should be up in the woods any day now as well.


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On 2018-05-05, at 2:33 PM, jim christy wrote:

Chris: Just read your very good May 1 blog entry. Glad the Gardens are looking good.

It's a real battleground out here in regards the pipeline. I doubt - hope - our guy isn't going to back down. One problem in B.C. is you have rednecks and extreme leftists and each thoroughly alienates the other. The only thing I have in common with the Albertans is I won't drink the B.C. wine either.
Seven deer looking in my window day before yesterday.
Are you a movie mogul yet?
Best - Jim

p. s. best to Mr. Morley. And to Bruce the barber if you should see him

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Hi Jim,

Great to hear from you! Was thinking of you the other day, esp. on my ZRG visit. Gave a bow to your stupa, which looks like it may outlive the humanis stupidis species. Morley mentions you often  - you are a pretty unique dude, esp. among the lit crowd.

I agree that the KM pipeline issue is now the major cause of our time. It's so frustrating that peeple just can't think logically - supposedly the majority of Canucks support the pipeline, but the majority also believe global climate change is real and rapidly approaching the level of universal catastrophe. Just doesn't effing add up! Here's a post I did about the small Bville anti-KM protest I attended in March:

No news from my Eel Pie scriptwriters in almost 2 months. Last I heard they had 82 pages of script and were promising to send me some of it. You warned me that the movie world is more than tenuous - still haven't bought my old Vette or newer Porsche  ;  )-

I didn't know deer were voyeurs, but never really trusted them. They always ate anything domesticated I planted at ZRG.

peas & love ;  )-


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day visit to ZenRiver Gardens

Hi Fran,

This aft I decided I was long overdue for a visit to ZenRiver Gardens and Dan Dan the Fireman. I've been holding back on visiting because I've had ongoing cold and flu bugs since March, and I didn't want to add risk to Dan's recovery from his cancer treatments until I was sure I was germ free.

Dan wasn't home, so I left one of my cards for him under a small rock (which I borrowed from ZRG's sacred rock face). The river wasn't as spring flood high as expected - it seems higher here in the village. I remember a few years ago when the spring runoff covered the Jimi Hendrix tree stand and almost reached the bottom of the bridge!  

ZRG looks great  :  )  Glad to see the Zen influence has captured your imagination. In some ways the place looks more zen-like than when I had it.  Perhaps I was over zealous in maintaining ZRG - there's a relaxing patina of benign neglect now:

flaking paint on the picnic tables

the deck needed staining
last year

milkweed loves
unmowed paths

Monarch butterflies
slowly recovering

It's been well over 2 years since Chase died, so I didn't feel as sad today as the last time I visited when I couldn't stop reminiscing about all the great adventures we had there. I tend to notice coincidences and synchronicities, and while I was hesitating writing this, a bad U2 song (I think they're all bad to be honest) came on the radio. Something about 'a place called vertigo' - it was on the radio non-stop the first spring when Morley, Chase and I built the shaman shack at ZRG.

As always, thanks for letting me visit. Trust all well with you and your shaggy companions.


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On 2018-05-01, at 4:54 PM, Fran wrote:

Hi Chris,

Wabi-sabi baby, wabi-sabi. That's the style I'm going for..perfection is in the imperfections... :)

Waiting for more of that paint to flake off before I get my scrapper out but then again, I may just let the elements do their thing on the picnic tables. Second thought, I better get to it because whenever I sit at one of them I walk away covered in paint chips.

Glad you had a nicer visit. Hard sometimes to go back and revisit the memories...always bittersweet. But you are always welcome to enjoy when the mood strikes. I've managed 2 visits this year because of the crappy weather but looks like brighter days are here. Paul from the corner is going to replace the chipboard on the outhouse with plywood and redo the roof and door as well.

Were there any black flies yet? Hoping to get up on Saturday.

Glad you are feeling better. The flu going around this year was brutal.


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Alliance Forces Kinder Morgan to Flinch!

Dear Chris,

Kinder Morgan just flinched.

The Texas pipeline company announced it is putting a halt to spending on its Trans Mountain oil tanker project and “suspending all non-essential activities”.

Pro-pipeline politicians are furious. They’re vowing to do whatever it takes to ram this project through.

B.C. Premier John Horgan is about to face a tidal wave of pressure like we have never seen. Tell Horgan he’s on the right side of history. Tell him to stand strong!

Kinder Morgan’s press release comes 24 hours after Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and allies from across the province blockaded Kinder Morgan’s tank farm in Burnaby.

Phillip called Kinder Morgan’s bluff – and the company folded. The Texans refused to call police to arrest B.C.’s most prominent Indigenous leaders, choosing to lose a day of work instead. Today we found out why.

Kinder Morgan is bound by corporate logic. Its shareholders don’t want to lose money trying to build a pipeline through B.C.

But for Stephen Harper’s former ministers like Jason Kenney, this is ideological. And for Justin Trudeau, it’s personal. He vowed in Victoria last week that he will get the Kinder Morgan project built.

Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley are about to unleash holy hell on B.C. Premier John Horgan. They know if they convince the B.C. government to back down, they can remove a key obstacle for Kinder Morgan and keep the pipeline alive.

Write to John Horgan right now. Tell him to stand with Indigenous leaders and the voters of British Columbia. Tell him not to back down in the face of threats.

Thank you for taking action,

Kai Nagata

P.S. If the B.C. government stands firm, this is the beginning of the end for Kinder Morgan. But if they buckle, Ottawa and Alberta know they can walk all over us. Send Premier Horgan a message today.

                                                           ~    ~    ~    ~

On 2018-04-09, at 10:04 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Chris!!! In the midst of much despair this turn of events
is almost arch-angelic.   There does come a turning point in
destiny and we are probably going to live to see it.  This event
will have tremendous implications for the way we develop and treat
our vital natural world.  You were part of it dear friend.   I believe we
will win this one and begin to reverse the corrupt ways we have been
governed.     Thanks for this electric missive,  it will be the sun of my day.

                                                           .    .    .    .

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support, Katherine!  You're even more positive than I am about this victory  :  ) I'm surprised that a close friend is very skeptical that this is the beginning of the end for the KM pipeline. She believes the general public isn't supportive of stopping the pipeline, and of course there's the Selfie-Made Man hisself, his over arching ego on the line. Jeez, Justin, you backed down on some of your key campaign promises like electoral reform, so why not back off on your love for the KM pipeline and live up to your "Sunny Ways" promise.

in solidarity,

Friday, 23 March 2018

"went down to the demonstration/ to get my fair share of abuse" (Kinder Morgan pipeline demo)

me in the unusual position of being on the far right (holding Council of Canadians banner)

Members of several environmental groups met at Bay of Quinte MP Neil Ellis’ office on Friday, urging the federal government to reverse its position on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline.

On 2018-04-10, at 2:23 PM, Dogwood BC wrote:

Thanks for sharing this image, it's great to know that people across Canada oppose Kinder Morgan.


                                                                ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2018-03-24, at 11:13 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Bravo our Chris!!!   Was David Fraser there by any chance?
He is in our last book “Piping at the End of Days”   He is very concerned
as we all should be.   What can we do about this incredible stupidity of
self-imposed environmental destruction?    A writer’s letter to the government?
Let me know how we can do anything,   I am always so proud of you, you do the
action I wish I could take part in.    Katherine L. Gordon

                                                               .   .   .   .

Thanks Katherine  :  )

I don't think I've met David. Damn, maybe we should wear name tags at these demos. There seems to be a number of regulars who participate in these actions in front of Belleville MP area Neil Ellis's office. The last demo I was at there was in December of 2016 in support of electoral reform. A short time later Trudeau unilaterally proclaimed electoral reform dead - yet another reneging on his campaign promises! But then what should we expect from a member of the 1% whose Finance Minister is also a one percenter. I smell an even stronger odour of autocracy these days, almost as bad as in the Harper era, just more stylishly dressed.
peace & poetry power!

                                                       ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2018-03-24, at 10:20 AM, Allan Briesmaster wrote:

Good to see!

In solidarity with you, The Council of Canadians, Elizabeth May, and all who are opposed to Kinder Morgan,

                                                        .   .   .   .

Thanks Allan  :  )
Yes, in solidarity!  (haven't said that in many a decade)
I'm hoping enough of us "settlers" join in solidarity with First Nations to stop the devastating KM project. It'll probably take a nation wide insurrection to do this, tho. Our national media won't help - today's TO Star's online home page didn't even mention all the anti KM demos that took place right across Canada yesterday. The anti-gun children's crusade in the U.S. took precedence, but gun control isn't an issue in Canada. Also Elizabeth May, leader of a national party, was arrested as part of yesterday's nation wide demos, but that also didn't make the front page of The Star either. 
anyway, as always
peace & poetry power!

p.s. are you planning on going to Marvin Orbach's tribute launch tomorrow? altho I can't attend, pls spread the word - Marvin was such a promoter of CanPo