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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Raymond Souster's Contributions to Canadian Poetry @ PurdyFest #5 (2011)


Hi Everyone,
Terry Barker has expressed an interest in featuring the poetry and many contributions of Raymond Souster for this summer's PurdyFest #5. Terry has also offered to MC the event. Terry has been visiting Mr. Souster, who is in his 90s, at a Toronto nursing home.

During a long phone chat Terry explained some of Ray Souster's key contributions and historical significance to Canadian poetry. Now we're seeing if other poets and academics are interested in presenting papers or talks on Ray at this year's symposium (Sat., July 30 - exact Marmora area location to be confirmed).

If you are interested in presenting something on Ray, his work, his significance in Canadian poetry, or any other aspect please contact Terry Barker (1-416-491-8676). Terry can also be contacted by email at:

Please copy me, Chris Faiers, as well:

If you have other ideas or suggestions for the Symposium, please send them to both of us.

Last year's Symposium on the life and legacy of Toronto poet Ted Plantos was a well-attended heartfelt success. Many thanks to last year's organizers, including Kent Bowman, Julie McNeill, Terry Barker, Mick Burrs, Morley Ellis and Allan Briesmaster.

It's still early days for prepping for PurdyFest #5, and so far planned events include the traditional POTLUCK SUPPER on Friday night (July 29) at ZenRiver Gardens in the hamlet of Malone. As in past years, camping will be free at ZenRiver, and campers are most welcome to arrive early and stay late to enjoy the benefits of wandering, writing, reading and dreaming on the rocky shoreline of the Upper Moira River.

Tai Grove, President of the CANADA CUBA LITERARY ALLIANCE (CCLA), will host a reading featuring their members on Sunday afternoon (July 31st) at ZenRiver Gardens.

And of course the regular ANOTHER DAM POETRY READING will be held on the Saturday afternoon on the islet in the middle of the Marmora Dam after the Symposium.

I anticipate PurdyFest will again be part of the second annual CELEBRATE MARMORA festivities.

There are lots of pics and articles on previous years' events online - Google away and who knows what you'll find ...

peace & poetry power from the frozen north,
... and Chase wrrrrffffffff!

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