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Sunday, 20 February 2011

CROW VISITS WOLF (shaman haiku sequence)


Altar bell clears consciousness
prayer wheel spins
day prepared

on water tower trail
3 inches new snow
glistens stunted trees

sun flash all blue
reminder to practice
blue sky mind

new shaman appears
pokes snow wolf tracks
wishes well

blue sky  mind crow call
Milton Acorn?

around around
cawing crow circles
kite mind string

as crow caws
where I stand
wolf tracks cross

Chris Faiers/cricket

first published  Myth Weavers: Canadian Myths and Legends
Katherine Gordon, editor  
Serengeti Press, 2007

published  ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun
Chris Faiers/cricket
Hidden Brook Press, 2008

Today, Feb. 20, Chase and I hiked these same watertower trails. Sadly, the 60 mph winds of the other night had knocked over many huge old white pines. The larger spirits were quietened, our only encounters were chick chick chickadee - unseen tiny ones flitting in the chaos.

1 comment:

Richard said...

very nice blog, nice poems cricket

i love the lines: sun flash all blue / reminder to practice / blue sky mind

it instantly reminds me that you should send your work in to the ccla call for submissions. i hope you don't mind if i post it here for you and all:

A Call for Anthology Submissions:

Theme: Spirituality and Nature

Submissions will be accepted on the topic of positive spiritual interactions desplayed by humans and nature. Your literary work should express why nature is valuable to you, how you relate with nature spiritually. Tell of your mountain top, lake gliding, snow trudging experiences. Let your poetic soul express through metaphor, simile and symbolism the joy and peace that those exchanges yield. In these days of global warming and threatening climate change, this book will act as a calming beacon that shows the value of nature and how it nurtures the soul. Please, interpret this call for submissions in the broadest possible way.

your work would work for that theme for sure. it,s a keeper

june bug