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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Empire of the Living Dead (poem)

Empire of the Living Dead

As the pop song said, the head is dead
zombie nation thrashes thru history
headless, heartless, brainless
simple Tinman, Strawman and Cowardly Lion no longer
now big screen beings transmogrified into Zombie Nation

with no head nor heart,  riven with hunger
and ruled by its asshole(s):
munitions makers, oil conglomerates
rightwing “Christians” and drug-pushing pharmas
zombie nation’s cannibal appetite
creates clones with its unchecked hunger
despotic kingdoms where rulers feed off their people
and cast-offs tidbits rendered from the head Zombie Nation

zombie nation boasts of democracy
while jailing the highest percentage of citizens
on our hillbilly planet 

Canada could once have shown leadership
from the cooler climes of Turtle Island
become the missing head, even the brain, perhaps
but our universal default buttons have frozen and rusted
we’ve been brainwashed by yankee TV
where cops are our friends
and psycho killers endlessly charade
diverting us from the real monster’s
devouring rampage

so Zombie Empire thrashes in its final days
too stupid to recognize its long ago death
vampire zombie empire, bankrupt, corrupt
breathing fiery flames and decay across our TV screens
you spreadeagle death across the globe

first draft Feb.7, 2011
week two of the populist Egyptian uprising

second draft (posted) Feb. 22/11

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