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Monday, 21 February 2011

killer reading by poet Jim Christy - Amazing Coffee, Madoc, Ontario - Feb.16,11

killer reading by poet Jim Christy/ Feb. 16/11 - amazing Coffee, Madoc, Ontario

congrats, Jim
A killer reading last nite  : )  great ambiance - beatnik cafe ca. 1963 -  late '40s/early'50s noir overtones in many poems - loved the upright bass noodlings - shades of Bukowski - Purdy's Caunuckery & loquaciously generous long poems   -   but all killer Jim Christy

when I got home, opened my bottle of fuZion red, started reading MARIMBA FOREVER back to front (I'm lefthanded) - felt inspired to dedicate a poem to you - drank more wine - rewound the tale of being drunk & 18 at 1967's 24 Hours of Sebring race - ran across the track - hung out in the pits push starting the race cars - even then my hair was long enuff that I guess I looked like a pitcrew guy - eventually ran back dodging the 150 mph cars - got picked up by the Sebring cops - thrown in the drunk tank - the cons were friendly, but I was one of the last thrown in, and as bottom of the pecking order, had to sleep in only available space, almost with my head in the latrine - had money for bail in my shoes (streetsmart beyond my years) - hitch-hiked a ride with a crazy crew member with a gutted bus with "Bellvue Mental Hoptial" still displayed back to the track at dawn -

at this point ran out of steam - but that's always a sign of great poetry for me - when I feel inspired to start mentally composing a poem of my own after hearing or reading another poet - so thanks for a great evening

maybe I'll write my poem for you at ZenRiver this summer ...  something about the older brother I never had ...

peace & poetry power!

p.s. all 4 of us, Morley & the 2 Drs. John (both the older guys at our table were Dr. Johns - musical composition & marine biology) ... thoroughly enjoyed your reading & presentation

posted this Monday, "Family Day", Feb. 21/11 after hiking to 'Sorrow Falls' on the trans-Canada Trail with Morley and Chase - endorphins still flowing - & Holsten festbock - the blue Buddha statue we placed at Sorrow Falls last fall now fully visible after the recent snow melt - last weekend when we hiked there, only the tip of Buddha's head was visible - and special thanks to Dr. John for the incredible LCBO marmalade chicken breast dinner last nite!

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