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Thursday, 23 October 2014

nothing adds up: bill bissett

nothing adds up

i dont know

nothing adds up
i look at my watr bottul
n feel reassurd

but nothing adds up

i look at my frends
n feel veree reassurd
but nothing adds up

my hed is strange
my hed is strange
it feels full uv puffee
stuff  it feels puffee

nd nothing adds up

at leest i have a benefaktoro
n thats xcellent rent wise fr sure
but nothin adds up  ium just saying
nothing reelee adds up

they told me ium
dewimg reelee well
but not 2 leev town

nothing adds up
nothing adds up

life is sew wundrful
thers almost alwayze
an obstakul 

that alone nevr fails 2
disapoint  it dusint add

sum people can try 2 kill yu
whil loving yu  n th suffring
goez on

that dusint add up

flowrs made uv numbrs
hours made uv lettus
n dahlias n lettrs flirt
ing with each othr  in th
gardn uv love and sand

it dusint add up

sum rel can pound an
ohr rels hed in th kitchn
floor  until her brains squish
worms running tord th sink
while hes skreemin at her

how duz that compewt

or th big countree surprisd at
th othr countree 4 remembring
it had bin illegalee invadid
n a millyun uv its peopul killd

thats hard 2 figur

yu cant always live in yr mind
but wher els can yu live  it
dusint add up  thats all ium
saying  1 is 2  n 2 is 1

we need anothr stanza  but ths
is not it   it dusint add up   i
feel like ium drifting  drifting
n why wud aneething add up

did yu think it wud


add up

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Ed Baker has left a new comment on your post "nothing adds up: bill bissett":

I onlee coughed one spellin k error:
isnnwt it "wunnherful" ?

nsmocop course

Posted by Ed Baker to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 25 October 2014 12:44

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Ed Baker said...

I onlee coughed one spellin k error:
isnnwt it "wunnherful" ?

nsmocop course