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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Full Moon Fever (haibun)


Glad I took your advice and walked to the mine last night. The full moon was spectacular, and I also saw a display of northern lights.

                    around this bend
                I knew northern lights
                     would appear

I had always thought moonbeams were a twee construction for children's fiction, but last night the moon was shining so brightly beams were coming from it.


               cliche full moon
          northern lights compete
               with moonbeams

I sat on the gate by the mine parking lot for a few minutes, and then started the return trek. All this moonlight was causing some interesting, and even scary, shapes and shadows.

              ahead on the trail
            shadow shape figure
              fades on approach

My "bravery" at facing down the shadow had me spinning my cedar walking stick in pseudo-kendo moves. When I reached the open field where the northern lights had first appeared, only moon-lit contrails now floated.

                  full moon

Chris Faiers/cricket

from ZenRiver: poems & haibun, Hidden Brook Press, 2008

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