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Monday, 13 October 2014

Mao in his grave: Chris Faiers (poem)

Mao in his grave

Is Mao rolling or relaxing in his grave?
dreamt a hundred flowers blooming
on his long march to the sea
no flowers in caves of course
but comrades! comrades galore
each mind a budding flower
about to burst into bloom:
as James Joyce said
'Aye, for we are flowers all'

               and cats
"I don't care if a cat is black or white
as long as it catches mice"
Mao, are you proud or ashamed
of your black and white legacy?
is the new Kingdom of China
the ultimate triumph
or betrayal of your people?

Mao, frozen in your grave
what of Bethune and the International Brigades?
Blood is red, neither black nor white
some of your people now thrive
led by politburo clowns
middle aged men in ill-fitting suits
who oppress their own

Mao, Chinese imperialist or  socialist internationalist?
how are you resting, Great Chairman
with dreams or nightmares of your earth bound empire

Chris Faiers

(first draft Oct. 13/14 - Canadian Thanksgiving)

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