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Thursday, 23 April 2015

small miracle at Greensides Farm

Took Chase for a brief walk to visit Morley, who gave us the remaining quarter of the ham he won. Yum for Chase!  Then I drove to Earl's for the oil change. I'd already bought a jug of Castrol (the hippest oil for sportly cars), so he only charged $15 - as usual. He also installed the washer nozzle from another make of car, so altho it doesn't work perfectly, it does work. I'm thinking while I'm in TO I could order the proper Sube part from the dealership on Eastern Avenue. Maybe I should phone in advance for this.

I had a brisk walk in Greensides Farm while Earl did the oil change. Bitterly cold here today. I had to wear my winter parka again & mitts! Earl asked me to keep an eye out for the Virgin Mary miracles at the farm, & I did sit on a bench by one of the stations for a few minutes. No miracles, but then I don't expect much of the Christian crowd, either here or in the transcendental realms.


late spring
no trillium white
in the woods


I did see a bluebird in the last field as I was clambering down the hill  ...  enough of a miracle for me - I don't remember seeing another bluebird in my lifetime, altho I must have. At first I thought it was a bluejay, but then I took a closer look, & it was definitely the smaller bluebird. Seeing it gave me an earworm for the old Disney song, Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder - arrggghhh   ;  )


bluebird's flash
enough of a miracle
at Greenside's Farm

Image result for bluebird

Chris Faiers/cricket

(from an email to my friend Sylvia)

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