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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bodhisattva dream vision

when I awoke I knew the world had changed
doves cooed through a loon's crazed wake-up
I felt different - twenty years old again?
scratched my head, & felt hair down to my waist

strange, the Buddha I'd been hiding in my closet
had come to life
In this half awake state I slid off the bed
stumbled to the front windows
threw open the curtains:
the recycle man had flipped the blue bin
was sitting atop in full lotus posture

a cop car floated down the street
two cops kissing
reading Daniel Jones' chapbook
"Two Cops Kissing"

Jones himself floated regally above the cop car
joyously shouting he had found his fourth eye
rigorously rubbing his bum
perhaps looking for that cork he lost
at James' Deahl's house
the first time we met
three decades ago

Jim Christy was standing at my back door
hugging Virginia & a wine bottle
no, a blue gin bottle he'd retrieved for his stupa
they were sharing sniffs of a blue vapour

the sky was radiant purple - everything
shimmered iridescent - one shade before too bright
I slapped my sunglasses on - took them off

the stereo turned itself on
the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" began playing
mentally I changed the channel and
"Tomorrow Never Knows" droned perennial wisdom

Bemused, my little dog Chase asked me what the fuck is going on, Dad?
Buddha Dog, I telepathically replied
it's the awakening of planet earth

the secret Buddhas have tired of hiding
and come out to play

I packed two beers in the cooler
dog treats in the shaman bag
ready for another day in paradise
we headed off to ZenRiver Gardens

Chris Faiers/cricket 

inspired by all the beautiful & joyous beings at PurdyFest #7

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