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Friday, 14 December 2012

Weed's website on Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island Hotel & Dancehall  /  L'Auberge

Eel Pie Hotel  L'Auberge

"And who's going to be the one, to say it was no good what we done?"

Eel Pie Island
"Eel Pie Island"
Dan Van der Vat
& Michele Whitby

lavishly illustrated!

published 2009

now available from Amazon

Eel Pie Island Dharma
"Eel Pie Island Dharma"
Chris Faiers

published 2012
by Hidden Brook Press

available from Amazon


    contacts and memories  (updated Sep 2012)
whatever happened to? (1969-1971)


    Eel Pie Hotel up to 1964
people 1964-65 (i)
people 1964-65 (ii)
people 1969-71 (i)
people 1969-71 (ii)
people 1969-71 (iii)
people 1969-71 (iv)
Eel Pie Hotel 1969-1971
Eel Pie Hotel after 1971
L'Auberge Cafe, Richmond, Surrey
Richmond & Twickenham 1968-1972


    Brian Green & His New Orleans Stompers - Brian Green
Eel Pie Gigs 1969 - lit by Mass Spectrometer Light Show
Eel Pie Memories - from Comstock Lode No 7 - John Platt
The Grove Jazz Band / Eel Pie - John Lamond
Rich/Twick Jazz & Folk Scene - Roy Buckley  (added Mar 2011)
Let's Swim To Eel Pie Island - John Joyce
mementos 1955-1971
The Start of the Eel Pie Jazz Club - John Winstone

Eel Pie Heritage Board
Eel Pie Island Music Heritage Board, unveiled 24th April 2009
(click on pic to open full size image in new window)


    The Education of Desire (extracts) - Cliff Harper
Eel Pie Dharma - Chris Faiers
Eel Pie Island (1948-1955) - Roy Buckley  (added Mar 2011)
Eel Pie Island in the mid-late 50s - John C Snelling  (added Apr 2011)
Eel Pie Marine Centre & Boatyard - Michele Whitby  (added Mar 2011)
Met OJ on Eel Pie '69 - Weed
newspaper article (1971)
Eel Pie and Arthur. Inoculation against evil influences? - Leslie T Wilkins
Fantasy Island - Surrey Life (Oct 2009)  (added Feb 2011)


    Anie Nightingale remembering Eel Pie - Facebook video
clip from the film "Fumo Di Londra" (1966) - (no sound)
clip from the film "Fumo Di Londra" (1966) - shorter clip + sound
"Who Needs Eel Pie" (Rank, "Look at Life" series, 1967)
documentary on the Commune (BBC2 TV, 1970) (Open University)
"Eel Pie Island Hotel" - Radio 4 (2007) - (check file-sharing networks)
"Kenneth Cranham... - Eel Pie Island" (Mark Burgess) - Radio 4 (2012)


    Another Nickel In The Machine - A Rave on Eel Pie Island (Aug 1960)
Arthur Chisnall - obituary - The Independent  +  a follow-up
Arthur Chisnall - obituary - The Surrey Comet
Arthur's Experiment - play inspired by musical history of Eel Pie Island
The Eel Pie Book - (published October 2009) + old blog
The Eel Pie Club - preserving and continue the local R&B heritage
Eel Pie Island - Wikipedia page
eel pie island appreciation - Facebook group (general + current)
Eel Pie Islanders - Facebook group (mainly 1969-71)
Mystery Jets - continuing the Eel Pie musical heritage [needs 1024x768]
Newsgroup posts - interesting threads on Eel Pie Island, old & current
Richmond Riverside - panning views of north and south banks of Eel Pie
Sunday Times article - Richard Johnson
Time Out - Peter Watts
Twickenham Museum - articles on the history & music of Eel Pie Island

map of Eel Pie Island by Cathy Horton 1992
Eel Pie Island (1992)

Weed's home page

thanks for inspiration to Canadian Chris, Dave King & Brenda O'Connell
thanks for Eel Pie map, drawn by Cathy Horton
Eel Pie Hotel painting (top left) by Dominic Mccormack, 1970
quote from "I'll Try For The Sun" (Donovan Leitch)
comments & contributions to
revised 29 October 2012

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