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Monday, 31 December 2012

full moon clarity for 2013 ~ Ed Baker's wishes

here is my just-done Knew Year's piece:

as per usual
there's a story

a TRUE what-happened
evening that is forever
behind the image that's been
in my mind for lo-these-many-years

in some circles / ensōs my original koan.....

have the best new year (2013) EVER,



Best Wishes for 2013, Ed  ;  )
We survived the 2012 BS - still alive, still above ground & still writing & publishing our hotshit poetry!

I'll enjoy your New Year's 'medical prescription' with pleasure!!!!

peace & poetry power & ~ health, wisdom & all that good stuff for yet another year on this hillbilly planet  ;  )

Chris ... and Chase Wrooooooooooooooof! (which means what I already said, but far more articulately)

had to post your haiga/New Year wishes ...


1 comment:

Ed Baker said...

after fucking her/my brains out
she leaned back and lit a cigarette
& said

"is that all?"

I walked out onto the landing to pee and there ws that huge full moon...

that moon. that fuck. that "is that all?" has been my koan since that night in Lindos in 1969 !

she also said : "I could live with you as a friend"

I should have figured "It" out. Now 43 years later?

she is still cute.