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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wilber Walnut Warning and Disclaimer

Wilber Walnut Warning and Disclaimer

Hey Chris, it looks like you are doing a great job as usual… and all the others too, of course.

The schedule for the Acorn Night looks good and it may make some sense having Wilber be the “hammer” for the evening coming before the round robin where people read poems inspired by Acorn, given in contrast Wilber is claiming to have inspired some of Milton’s work.  If people who have come for the poetry have left by the time Wilber starts his rant I don’t think it will make that much difference to him, it’s a bar, there will be a room full of drunks of some kind, and he fits in better there, than with literary types anyway.

Wilber is assuring me his rant and ramble will come in around 12 minutes long, but it seems to me he doesn’t have control over how much people laugh at him.  As for the historical accuracy of some of Wilber’s claims all I can say is I remember sitting across from Milton Acorn in the Crest Grill with Milt claiming between cigar puffs that “history is always more interesting when you make it up.”    Wilber’s response to Acorn’s aforementioned observation is that Milton always was a charlatan and a phony.   “My policy is always to speak the Truth as it appears to me in the moment unencumbered by hierarchal frames of knowing.”  Is the standard retort of Wilber’s authenticity I have heard him may times claim.  Thus spoke the man whose birth was never even registered.  (Wilber seems to think that registering guns only becomes an issue once people start registering their babies, and that Mary and Joseph are the ones who really betrayed Jesus.)  In addition to all this: Wilber is now proclaiming to be an “Elder.”  However, I am not sure being very, very old automatically makes one anything, other than in Wilber’s case, an uninhibited pain in the ass.

Wilber Walnut is at least over 100 years old given he was playing Indian and Trapper in the backwoods of northern Ontario with Gray Owl before the outbreak of the first world war.  The son of a single mother, an old woman who ran a trap line on her own and only came in to the Fort once a year to trade.  His father????  Well let’s just say the ghost spirits which wander the northern woods are not holy.  And with this new self-proclaimed status of “Elder” he has now puffed himself up to the point that Wilber thinks he has some sort of wisdom to pass on to others and is in the process of publishing a series of  “Carnivoresque Self Help Books.”  What ever that means?

I attach the cover of the first in the series.  I can send more.  But one is maybe enough.

Jim Larwill

aka The Raven King…. with at times, a raving100 yr old, one-eyed leering jester in tow.

                                                    .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 

note: Jim somehow managed to capture a picture of Wilber, but for reasons of rationality & sanity my blog refused to accept his existence & publish this rare photo.  damn!
- Chris

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