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Friday, 16 November 2012


Thank you Tai & Kim Grove and Hidden Brook Press for publishing this gorgeous reprint! And thanks to the many others who walked with me along the dharma path, offering friendship and guidance.

First, to Dr. Eric Amann, the 'godfather' of Canadian haiku. It was Eric's early encouragement and publication of my first haiku in his seminal magazine HAIKU back in the mid-1960s which started me on the haijin path.  

To fellow Eel Pie Island communard Weed (once Chris Whitehouse), who gently pushed me into letting him put EEL PIE DHARMA (original title) online in the early 2000s on his amazing & eclectic website.

Thanks to my close friend & editor, Sylvia Hegge, for copy editing so many times she now wears glasses  :  )

To all my old UK friends & sister & brother hippies: Debbie, Scotch Doogy, Marion, Eddie, Dominic, and to the1,000s of other fellow travelers in those magickal times.

Thanks to haijin snow flea (John Hamley) for writing the insightful introduction.


 LAUNCH next Wednesday, NOV. 21 st at Imperial Pub(lic) Library in Toronto 
54 Dundas Street East (edge of Ryerson University campus)

The launch of EPID will be next Wednesday at The Imperial Public Library as part of:

(Terry Barker, Anna Yin,  Brandon Pitts, Joyce Wayne, David Fox, Morley Ellis,
Jim Larwill/Wilber Walnut & an OPEN SET round robin of poems by & about
Milt - & anecdotes!)

copies of EPID will be available at a discount from the $17.95 cover price
package deal of Eel Pie Island Dharma and ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun for $25   

copies of Milton Acorn's new selected (James Deahl, Editor) will also be available:
Our Newest Arrivals

We are proud to bring you three of our newest books from the North Shore Series.

Links for these three books will be up soon.

You can find info about the series at:


Chris Faiers

 emails between Henry Martinuk & Chris
(DVDs of 2012 PurdyFest being prepared)

Hi Henry,
That's great that you'll make it to the EVENING WITH MILT & FRIENDS next Wednesday nite! It's going to be an evening to remember, that's for sure  :  )

Trust you'll recount your 'almost meeting' with Milt when he arose from the back of the restaurant (Crest Grill?), saw you & your friend gaping in admiration, & bellowed, "You little shits don't know anything!"        ...   that's such a perfect Milt anecdote  :  )

And it's great that you've done up the DVDs on PurdyFest. They will become a  piece of Canadiana history!  Many thanks!

I've been in regular contact with Montreal Canadian poetry archivist & retired librarian Marvin Orbach. Marvin has his own collection of CanPo at the Univ. of
Calgary, & I've been sending him almost weekly batches of my poetry collections, & also of old Unfinished Monument Press books & chapbooks.

As our friendship has grown, we've become almost daily correspondents, & I've even copied him on many of my poetry-related emails for literary posterity (if our
crazy hillbilly planet - seemingly so bent on self-destruction - does survive into another century or 2).

So I know Marvin would love to have copies of your DVDs:

here's his snail mail: 

Marvin Orbach
22 Radcliffe Rd.
Montreal West, P.Q.
H4X 1B9

and his email address is in this header.

I'm going to post this correspondence on my blog, so the downlow ain't so low no more ...  :  )

looking forward to seeing you next week  :  )
thanks for doing all this ...
peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase ... wffffffffff ,,, (we're both a bit tired - returned just a few mins ago from long hike on the Cross-Canada Trail)


On 2012-11-16, at 2:39 PM, Henry Martinuk wrote:

Hi Chris,
congrats on your new book. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday at the Imperial Pub in Toronto for your book launch and the Milton Acorn celebration.

I've just finished the Acorn Symposium DVD from this year's PurdyFest and I'm working on the Another Dam Poetry Reading video now. Hopefully, I'll be able to put all the video I shot this summer at PurdyFest on DVD for you by next Wednesday. I'm going to give you the DVDs as a thank you for PurdyFest.

I'll try to have a couple copies burned for others who may want to purchase the DVDs. I'm still not sure if I'll have enough time and don't know how much to charge for the DVDs yet so keep it on the downlow until I figure it out.

See you on November 21st!
cheers, Henry

Eel Pie Island Dharma
A hippie memoir / haibun


Chris Faiers

A Hidden Brook Press book "The Last Stoic" by Morgan Wade

Published by
Hidden Brook Press logo
Hidden Brook Press
ISBN 978-1-897475-92-8


  order from your local bookstore. 
(A TIP: If you order from your local bookstore
you will not have to pay delivery.
Give them the isbn, the title,
our email address and our phone number
and they will order it from us with their purchase order number.
They don't have to pay for the book in advance so it is even quicker.
!! This book will be available at Amazon around the world soon!!


Available at e-book stores around the world.
click on one of the three links below or to your favorite e-store.
Barnes &

Blurb about the book:

This book is one of the most important historical document of the 60s, a memoir in haibun form. It is part of the Hidden Brook Press, celebrated North Shore Series – the 28th book in this renowned Canadian literature series.
This memoir of a sixties survivor has become a haiku/haibun classic and an oft-quoted reference for the heady ferment which was the tail end of the 1960s.
Meet a Beatle! Attend the first Glastonbury music festival! Fight cops and skinheads at the infamous 144 Piccadilly squat! Hear a banshee and walk across Ireland ... live in the derelict Eel Pie Island Hotel with hippies, junkies and bikers ... be seduced by school girls ... drop acid in Cambridge ... sleep in a cave on Formentera ...
Before the draft for the Vietnam War called, Chris Faiers was a shy bookworm. But he read his Kerouac, and when the draft notices kept coming, "Canadian Chris" hit the dharma road feet first and didn't look back for three years.  

About the Author

Eric Amann, publisher of Haiku magazine, gave Chris early encouragement circa 1967. Chris has been writing and publishing haiku his entire adult life. His work has consistently been at the forefront in the development of English language haiku and haibun, and the online version of this book is likely the most widely read English language haibun.

His poetry has been widely published internationally in literary magazines, anthologies and scholarly texts and broadcast on radio and TV. EPID has become a frequent reference for documentaries and historical books.

Chris is also known for lyrical and political poetry. In 1987 he was honoured with the inaugural Milton Acorn People’s Poet Award. Chris has been active as an organizer of poetry events and associations. He founded Unfinished Monument Press in 1978, and the Main Street Library Poetry Series in Toronto in 1979. In 2007 he began coordinating annual Purdy Country Literary Festivals (PurdyFests). Chris was a founding member of Haiku Canada and the Canadian Poetry Association. He is an honourary life member of the Canada-Cuba Literary Alliance.

In 1989 he moved to an Ontario village on the edge of the Canadian Shield, where he earned his living as village librarian. Now retired, he wanders remote trails and acts as steward of his ZenRiver Gardens retreat. Chris’ 2008 Hidden Brook Press collection, ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun, relates some of his experiences in this wild and untamed countryside. He continues to develop and promote this new subgenre of “shaman haibun” which he helped create with ZR:P&H. You can follow his poetry and activities on his blog Riffs and Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens.

Previous Collections by Chris Faiers

ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun (Hidden Brook Press, 2008)
Small Press Lynx (co-editor with Mark McCawley; co-published
Unfinished Monument Press, Greensleeve Editions, 1991)
Eel Pie Dharma: a memoir/haibun (Unfinished Monument Press, 1990)
Moon City (haiku - Greensleeve Publishing, 1989)
13 Bohemian Dreams (Unfinished Monument Press, 1988)
Mr Library Man (Haiku Canada broadsheet, 1988)
Foot Through the Ceiling (Aya/Mercury Press, 1986)
5 Minutes Ago They Dropped The Bomb (Unfinished Monument Press, 1984)
The Unfinished Anthology (co-editor, Unfinished Monument Press, 1984)
Island Women (HMS Press, 1983)
White Rasta in Wintertime (Unfinished Monument Press, 1982)
Unacknowledged Legislator (blewointmentpress, 1981)
Sleeping in Ruins ( haiku - Unfinished Monument Press, 1981)
White Rasta (Unfinished Monument Press, 1980)
College Streetcar Runs All Night (Unfinished Monument Press, 1979)
Dominion Day in Jail (Unfinished Monument Press, 1978)
Guest in a Garden (haiku - C&C Printing, 1969)
Cricket Formations (haiku - C&C Printing, 1969)

Reviewers: If you would like to write and publish a review of this book please contact the publisher for a free copy of the book and author contact info. Please feel free to use any material from this website.  On request we will email you high res pics of the cover and author if needed. Contact - Richard Grove / Tai 613-475-2368 or

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Mark McCawley said...

So pleased, Chris, that 'Eel Pie Dharma' found a deserving trade book home. Why so many really good books by exceptional writers take years, and sometimes decades, to find that appropriate publisher is still an ongoing mystery. Bravo, Chris! Dominion Day In Jail is still one of my absolute favorite chapbooks of all time. "I want a revolution DAMMIT!" Be well. Mark McCawley