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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Subject: IMPERIAL PUBIC LIBRARY Nov 21 launch for Milt and Eel Pie Island Dharma/David Fox/broadsheet/tribute poems to fallen CLMers/

Hi Joyce,
Nice to have that quick chat on Sunday aft. Sounds like you & Sandy had a relaxing visit with Tai & Kim, & got to explore their beautiful area.

Congrats on confirming David Fox for the Nov. 21st event! It's always good to have some professional entertainment - the launch I went to on Friday nite had a singer who does a lot of CBC gigs - it was a nice combo evening of the very heartfelt (the poet is in jail on G20 charges) & professional entertainment.

Tai & I are planning to publish a free hand-out 'teaser' broadsheet for my EEL PIE ISLAND DHARMA. Not everyone can afford to buy books these days, but by giving everyone a handout, it'll provide a reminder & contact source if they decide to buy later (or write a review, or a blog post, or contact Tai, Hidden Brook Press, Mosaic, or you, me etc.).

I'm considering reading several of my  poems which are dedicated to fallen CLM comrades (rather than reading prose/haiku from the book). The poems include ones to Jon Penner, Peter Flosznik, & of course to Milt. Short & sweet set & in keeping with the theme of AN EVENING WITH MILTON ACORN & FRIENDS (I know Milt would like this tribute).

I like the idea of having you present a casual reminiscence of being Milt's editor. I've generally found the more participants/'voices' in an event, the more enjoyable the evening. That's one of the secret ingredients of PurdyFests.

I'm sure Terry can wangle as many copies of IN A SPRINGTIME INSTANT as we can sell.

Re a pow-wow, I should be able to make it into TO whenever it's convenient for you & Terry (& my friend Sylvia of course).

John Hamley, who wrote the intro to my book, is considering attending as well. He might make a good additional speaker if he's interested. 

The Imperial Public Library is a great venue ... can't wait ...

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase ... wrffffffffffffffffffff!

On 2012-10-02, at 12:32 PM, Joyce Wayne wrote:

Hi Chris,

David Fox just phoned to say he will read Milton's poems at he launch.  David is Canada's greatest theatrical actor, the one who never left Canada, but stayed here to build a remarkable dramatic career.

His participation in the launch will make a huge difference and present a marvelous opportunity for you to read your own poetry.

Now we need to get many copies of the book from Mosaic for sale at the launch. And we need to publicize this event widely. I will be happy to introduce David and yourself, if you like, and to speak very briefly about my adventures as Milt's editor.

You and I and Terry need to have a pow-wow to discuss plans.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~
emails with Ursula Pflug, mother of jailed G20 activist, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back:

Hi Ursula,
It'd be be great if you can make it to our Imperial Pub gig. It's another chance to honour Milton Acorn & his new selected, IN A SPRINGTIME INSTANT -
and a chance for me to show off my new (well, newly updated reprint) of my hippie memoir/haibun, EEL PIE ISLAND DHARMA.

We're still very much in the prelim organizing stages, & our little gang has previously organized 2 gigs in the past year at Toronto libraries. But we're starting to realize that we have a whole evening to play with in a pub setting, so we're beginning to expand the scope of the event. I'll copy below the first posting about this evening which I put on my blog a while back.

I don't know how the other organizers feel, but I truly believe Kelly Rose is the best young Canadian poet in the tradition of Milt & People's Poetry. I was daydreaming the other day about passing the hat at this gig to fundraise for Kelly (& your expensive phone calls with her in prison). Again, I'm not sure how the others feel about this, but I'm advocating for a round robin session near the end of the evening, & maybe you could read a poem or 2 by Kelly then.

We're calling the event AN EVENING WITH MILTON ACORN & FRIENDS, and Kelly Rose (& yourself) are very much in the tradition that Milton promoted all his life. Kelly wasn't even born until several years after Milt's death, but she shares his natural poetic instinct & that great heart which is willing to risk everything for political beliefs. When I think of Kelly Rose, I always think of Milt's poem, YOU GROWING  :  ) 

I'll copy this to the other organizers to get some feedback on these suggestions.

Regardless, it'll be an honour to have you (& your husband?) present at this evening.

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase wffffffffffffffffff! (sleeping after our long hike on the trans-Can trail early this aft)


On 2012-10-13, at 11:52 AM, Ursula Pflug wrote:

At 08:55 PM 12/10/2012, you wrote:
Chris, let me know about your event at the Imperial Public Library so I can try and get there!

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