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Friday, 11 May 2012

~ ~ News on PurdyFest #6 = AcornFest ~ ~

This summer's Purdy Country Literary Festival is named AcornFest in honour of Canada's People's Poet Milton Acorn. Events will take place over the August holiday weekend, beginning on Friday, Aug. 3rd. 

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Update on Hidden Brook Press anthology launch from publisher Tai Grove:
Hi Chris

I just heard back from Bruce Kauffman the editor of the north shore anthology that will present at the Purdy Acorn Fest

He sent out an email to all of the authors and he got a YES reply from 40 saying that they are going to come and read. That is aside from the CCLA reading.

Let’s hope it is sunny again
For your promo info you can put – Authors will read from the North Shore Series anthology, That Not  Forgotten published by Hidden Brook Press, editor Bruce Kauffman. The almost 400 page book includes poetry and prose by some of the finest authors in the north shore geographic area between Kingston and Port Hope on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Gotta run


This message is being sent from
Hidden Brook Press, or the personal email of Richard M. Grove / Tai
109 Bayshore Road. Brighton, Ontario, Canada, K0K 1H0  1-613-475-2368
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Directions to ZenRiver Gardens:

ZRG is located in the pioneer hamlet of Malone by the millpond bridge on the Upper Moira River.

From Highway #7 turn north at the flashing orange lights onto the DELORO ROAD (about 1 km east of Marmora or roughly 12 km west of Madoc traffic lights at intersection with Highway #62 north).

Follow the Deloro Road to the hamlet of Deloro (turn north, left, onto O'Brien Street when you reach Deloro). Continue thru the hamlet and continue along the Deloro Road about 5 or 6 kms until you reach the hamlet of MALONE. Malone is tiny, just several houses. Turn right onto MALONE QUARRY ROAD (dirt) and follow it a hundred yards to the bridge over the Upper Moira River.

The millpond is on the right (west) side of the bridge, and ZenRiver Gardens is on the northeast side of the bridge. There are prayer flags, the rainbow-hued Jimi Hendrix treestand, etc. which make ZenRiver Gardens pretty obvious!



Free rough camping begins at ZenRiver Gardens several days before the more organized activities. There is an outhouse, campsites, firewood & the river - the rest is up to the campers.

'Formal' events begin late Friday afternoon, Aug. 3rd, with the POTLUCK SUPPER. Bring what you wish (fast food welcome, home made preferred, chips-dip-snacks appreciated). The Friday nite campfire/reading is not to be missed ...

On Saturday professor/philosopher Terry Barker hosts the SYMPOSIUM on Milton Acorn (coinciding with the publication this year of the new selected of Milt's work, IN A  SPRINGTIME INSTANT James Deahl, editor, Mosaic Press, publisher). The Symposium runs from 12:30 to 2:30 pm in the William Shannon Room of the Marmora Public Library (by the only stoplights in Marmora!).

Later in the afternoon local musician/singer Morley Ellis will kick off ANOTHER DAM POETRY READING on the islet in the Marmora Dam (less than a 10-minute walk from the library - through the Lions Park and along the paved riverside walking trail). Most years CELEBRATE MARMORA coincides with our festivals, and there will be booths selling food & local produce, as well as face painting for the kids, etc. in the park. In the evening a traveling Shakespearean company performs in the park.

The ANOTHER DAM POETRY READINGS are very freeform & democratic. Poets read one poem at a time, round robin style, around and around the blankets and lawn chairs on the islet, until everyone has read/said/performed everything they wish to. Musicians & singers welcome! This can last from an hour+ all the way until dusk ... Morley energetically kicks things off with his broad repertoire of songs and singalongs  around 3:30 pm - leaving time for a snack & a wander thru the park displays after the Symposium.

On Sunday afternoon Tai Grove wears two hats. First as President of the Canada-Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA), Tai will host a group reading by CCLA members at ZenRiver Gardens. Then he'll don another hat as publisher of Hidden Brook Press and host a reading by poets included in his latest HBP anthology, THAT NOT FORGOTTEN. Readings are anticipated to start after lunch - maybe 1 - 2 pm? (people will be tired after several nights of camping & Saturday's featured activities).


Recommended Area Activities

Although not specifically scheduled or promised, on the Holiday Monday festers often make the hour drive to Ameliasburgh to visit Al Purdy's grave and his historic A-frame cottage.

There are also many beautiful spots near Marmora, including Callahan's Rapids Conservation Area. Last year a gang of festers spent an afternoon wading upstream in the Crowe River in this magical spot. Poets have also visited Petroglyphs Provincial Park, a sacred First Nations spiritual teaching area, and Bon Echo Provincial Park, another sacred First Nations shamanic locale.    

As poet Anna Yin so aptly noted last year, PurdyFests are vacations for poets. You will be inspired, we promise!

peace & poetry power!
Chris Faiers/cricket  ... and Chase, my shih-tzu familiar on steroids ...WRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF! (welcome to AcornFest!)

keep current on AcornFest at the blog Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens:


Anthology of PurdyFest poetry????

Yes, brother Junebug,
James suggested this after the first PurdyFest ... I've got some poems in the annual PurdyFest files, & I'm sure if we sent out the word, we'd be inundated!

p.s. also perhaps poems inspired AT ZRG and PurdyFests - might make for a broader list of topics (e.g. Stan White wrote some intriguing ones about the early inhabitants of Malone hamlet)

p.p.s. and perhaps also poems READ at PurdyFests (thinking of CCLAers, etc.)

(To start spreading the word, I'll put this on my blog on the announcement for AcornFest)


On 2012-05-12, at 12:32 AM, Richard M. Grove wrote:

Hi Chris

I think we should spread the word that one day – when there are enough poems we will publish a collection of poems about ZRG. You have enough poets visiting year after year that there should be enough for a book one day.



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