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Monday, 6 February 2012

pls Contribute to PurdyFest Scrapbook for Literary Map of Ontario

thanks, Ashliegh!
The site looks great -many thanks for your time & energy on this  :  ) It feels great to be an officially recognized piece of CanLit history.

I'll forward this far & wide to as many poets as I can, with hopes they'll contribute & spread the invitation to contribute even further afield. I'll also post this on my blog.

I'm sure this will evolve into one VERRRRrrrry IInnnnterrrrresting literary scrapbook ...

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase ... wrffffffffffffffffffffffffff! (back from a great sunny hike to the ancient iron bridge on the old Marmora-Cordova train trail)

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On 2012-02-06, at 12:39 PM, Ashliegh Gehl wrote:

Dear Chris,

Great news, the PurdyFests page on our Literary Ontario Map is now online, you can see the link here.

Thank you so much for all your input, and now you and everyone can add content to the scrapbook anytime! Here are the instructions for adding to the scrapbook, and please encourage everyone who enjoys PurdyFests to  post their comments, video, audio or photos. This will make your PurdyFest page a lively hub for the community to post and share.

1) Create Account
2) Make sure you are logged in, then:
3) Click on the "Contribute" button on the upper right of the Scrapbook, then add content from there (a page offers photo, video, field note, audio)

We look forward to seeing new content in the PurdyFest online scrapbook! Of course, just let me know if any questions at all.

Best regards,

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Hi Ashliegh,
After some struggles, I was able to post a hotlink from my well-read blog to the spiffy new Landmark site for PurdyFests. I also copied the email to about 25 'key' PurdyFesters.

I suspect a lot of poets will add material to the scrapbook - this takes a load off me, as over the years people have kindly sent me pics & poems etc., but I've lacked the technical proficiency to put most of this online. Now visitors to PurdyFests can do this themselves!  In effect everyone can contribute to an ongoing archive of Canadian literature, esp. poetry - almost immediately.       VERY DEMOCRATIC & PARTICIPATORY!     .....   (which is what we hope PurdyFests are)

I'm extremely pleased with the look & content of the site - thanks again to everyone at Books Toronto and Books Ontario for being so helpful!

peace & poetry power!
a healthily tired Chris ... and Chase wffff (now napped out after our major hike)

p.s. it may be a good idea to post my blog on the site as well -
Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver gardens:

I'm also comfortable having my email address Posted on the site:

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On 2012-02-06, at 12:31 PM, Ashliegh Gehl wrote:

Hi Chris,

Your outing with Chase sounds lovely. Quite jealous of your wintery walk. Here in Belleville it's sunny and snowless.

Here's the link to the landmark! Now it's time for fellow poets to start filling the scrapbook!

If there's anything you'd like me to add or alter, let me know.


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