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Friday, 17 February 2012

1st Anniversary of Riffling & Rippling - CHEERS!

Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens was born one year ago today, Feb. 18, 2011.

Happy Birthday & many thanks to our contributors, readers, followers and commentators!

Almost 11,000 readers have clicked on the blog, proving this oddly eclectic mix of Canadian People's Poetry, Buddhism & politikal activism has gained a wide audience. Surprisingly, we are read on all continents except the Arctic & Antarctic.

Many poems have debuted on the blog, as well as several poets. Special thanks to the following poets for letting us present their work:

Simon de Abreu
Katharine Beeman
Conrad DiDiodato
Morley Ellis
Chris Faiers/cricket
Katherine L. Gordon
John Hamley/snowflea
Hans Jongman
Jim Larwill
chad norman
Stuart Ross
Stan White
Anna Yin
"Chase" (dogku rules!) 

Thanks to our photographers as well:

Warren Fraser
Peter Rowe
RD Roy
Melanie Skene

The blog has regularly presented petitions on a wide variety of progressive causes, esp. those coordinated by AVAAZ and Amnesty International. It has provided reports on The Arab Spring and fodder on our Canadian federal election (Arrggggghhhh) and on an Ontario provincial election (aarggh).

Poets have published powerful epitaphs on Jack Layton, Christopher Hitchens, some old Canadian Liberation Movement (CLM) comrades (Peter Flosznik and Jon Penner), the four victims of the sharia 'honour killings', Zainab, Sahar, Geeti and Rona, and athlete Sarah Burke.
 RnR was also instrumental in organizing last summer's PurdyFest #5, which quickly led to the very successful Tribute to Raymond Souster at Runnymede Public Library in Toronto on November 22.

The blog gives readers a chance to share book reviews and reminiscences, & info on poetry readings and gatherings such as Jim Larwill's Wolf Fest, as well as general rants and raves. One book I reviewed, Living and Dying in Zazen, inspired a prof to order 40 copies from the author.

Further thanks to Dr. John and Conrad DiDiodato. Without their help & encouragement RnR likely wouldn't  exist.

So begins our second year ... please continue sending items and contributing however and whenever you can ... keep reading ... keep writing ...


Chris & Chase ... wrooooooooooooooooof! (dogs still rule!)

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Conrad DiDiodato said...

Congrats to Chris and Chase!

Long live people's poetry