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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Death Knock - Gail Taylor

                                    Death Knock       
                                      by Gail Taylor

                                   Seldom when death

                                    comes a knocking,

                                    does he call ahead,

                                    but recently he arrived

                                    quite unannounced

                                    pounding at the door.

                                    He barged right through

                                    with nary a thought,

                                    flaunting his disdain

                                    upon paths he crossed.

                                    Rattling his final decree,

                                    he snatched that which

                                    had become now his

                                    and stole away

                                    with my lover’s soul,

                                    leaving in his wake

                                    just a gaping hole

                                    of emptiness

Hi Gail,
This is sad ... thanks for sharing your very heartfelt poem
on the recent death of your partner.
- Chris

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