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Thursday, 8 March 2018

email blather and a fifty year old haiku

feat of Klee


Thanks for the artistic nudge  :  ) I've mostly been feeling uninspired this winter.

I'm fighting yet another minor bug, which contributes to the ennui - whatever. So before I left for my brief walk on the towpath this aft I decided to stop delaying & finally try to write the First Nations book reviews I've been stalling about for riffs & ripps.

Re 'egoless river' challenge, my dull reflections on the return home were about T and A, & how T believes encouraging A to write poetry will encourage her to do more inner exploration. This resulted in my cliched aphorism 'search within/find a Buddha' . Fuckin' awful pseudo revelation (but true!)

Not sure how this relates to your visual challenge, but Klee was one of my early artsy inspirations. Very Jungian. I don't remember the names of his pics, but I do remember all those subterranean fish. Almost a bit of the Canuck First Nations 'Woodland' school there, now that I think about it. Very stark, very colourful archetypal imagery.    hmmm shamanistic also

Maybe the Klee paintings inspired me to write one of my earliest haiku:


cavern pool
tourists watching
blind fish

Got another email from my screenwriters a coupla days ago, and they're in the final stretch for completing a first draft. It's a weird feeling having someone else doing 'my' creative project - makes me feel lazy, that I should be contributing more (interfering is prob more accurate).

Enough blather - I'm stalling on this overdue multiple book report. Maybe something in this BS will counter inspire you! Send me whatever if it does  :  )

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