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Friday, 2 June 2017

ZenRiver redux

Hi Fran,
I enjoyed my visit so much yesterday that I went back today to prune the apple trees - glad to have an excuse  ;  )-   I pruned the 2 trees on the west side of the shack, and I left the blue chair where I cut the biggest branch so you can inspect the tree. I also pruned a major branch from the tree near the entrance path, and I cut down the little dead spruce where the wicker entrance used to stand. Then I had a nice fire in the pit beside the Jimi Hendrix tree stand and burned all the dead wood.

Afterwards I enjoyed some more beerzen on the shaman shack deck. Five minutes into meditation and a high pitched chirping kept disturbing me. I remembered a wren used to nest in the deck's rafters, but when I checked that spot, all I found was your bogus security camera! Then . . . over at the feeder - a gorgeous male cardinal was demanding my admiration, which he got for over five minutes. I've learned that when meditating in nature, especially at ZenRiver, it's wise to pay attention when some being insists on interrupting. I don't know if nature is responding to the stillness of a human sitting in meditation, or if it's the positive vibe the meditation gives off!


look at me
look at me!
cardinal at the feeder

On 2017-06-01, at 8:36 PM, Fran wrote:

Hi Chris,
That's great, glad everything looked secure. For sure, if you get a chance, please have a go at those apple trees. The grass is growing so damn fast that all I usually get done is the meadow and the "driveway" mowed. I may have to let a few of those trails grow in if it doesn't stop raining so much! Last year I had very little mowing to do :)
Thanks much for cleaning the screen out and glad you enjoyed your visit. Me and the pups hope to be up on Saturday.

On Jun 1, 2017, at 3:47 PM, Chris Faiers wrote:

Hi Fran,
I paid a visit to ZRG for a few hours this aft. Bugs weren't bad - only a couple of mosquito bites when I walked back to the quarry around noon. I sat on the deck after the short hike and ate lunch and then enjoyed a half hour of 'beerzen'  ;  )-  Love the colourful new 'tree of life' prayer flags! I cleaned the screen mesh on the rain barrel - good idea to do this from time to time. Also the 2 apple trees beside the shack on the west side have some major dead branches which should be cut out. I don't mind doing this if you'd like me to. The shack looked very secure, thanks I'm sure to the new heavy duty double locks.

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