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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Restless is the Heart of an Exile (for Trump exiles from Amerika)

This little town holds
a contained and fragile charm
where my elsewhere-birthed spirit
learns to survive.
My sustaining friends candle it into home
though shadows shimmer in curtained corners.
The land of ancestors buried in hard-won sacred soil
calls out to my waiting bones...
I am forbidden to answer,
grieve for my moment to come
when alien soil covers restless remains
and spirit hovers between
the world that barely embraces me
and the pulsing claim of blood and ligament,
heart, spirit and tribal ties
that scream for my absorption
back into fiery particles that stoked my entity.
Wine cannot placate, bread of other fields seldom satisfies,
a communion I must re-learn.

Katherine L. Gordon
for  Trump exiles from America.

A group of asylum seekers — two men, a woman and a baby — cross the border illegally from the United States into Canada near Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que, on Monday.

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