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Thursday, 22 December 2016

hawks soar on Winter Solstice

Thanks, Daryl, for the surprise arrival yesterday of bear creek haiku #136  : )-  I put it in my pocket & carried it as a talisman on my daily trek on the snow covered local trails. The highlight of the hike was watching a curious red tailed hawk circling high above, who was soon joined by a larger hawk with dark wings. It was the day of the Winter Solstice, and sunny and warm after several dark, cold and dreary weeks. The hawks seemed more interested in spiralling on the high currents than in hunting for rodents in the valley below, and it was a treat watching them soar.

After the refreshing walk I decided to spoil myself with chicken fingers and a glass of red wine at the only good local cafe. I devoured bch while sipping the wine and waiting for the chicken fingers to fry - perfect way to wind down my day!

hawks soar
on the shortest day
of 2016

As you keep sending me bear creek booklets, I feel I should reciprocate, so today I mailed you a copy of CROSSING LINES: POETS WHO CAME TO CANADA IN THE VIETNAM WAR ERA - pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

season's best and a productive 2017,
peace & poetry power!

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