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Monday, 26 October 2015

starlight poetry (from bearcreek haiku - thanks!)

starlight poetry


far journeys
   sending you poetry
       by starlight

early morning, thumps on back door - above brief message attached to following Halloween poems, and! who sends poetry by starlight? - please contact us (Frosty, Tama and I) if you know (or work with/heal via starlight) - did have a brief glimpse of the entity below flitting through aspen and aster:                                                                                                                                                  

   and, the poems. . .                 

         Tiny witch
         names me leprechaun:
         young eyes still clear

           Slowly shadows
           circle the park
           swirling dead leaves

           The monster mash
           makes my stupid feet move
           into the mystic

           At the first bend
           black & white dog & warlock
           stirring river mist

poetry by Chase (shares home with Chris Faiers)

here's a like(able)ly suspect, Karla Linn Merrifield, known for having worked with starlight:

now breaks
and enters
my untethered mind?
Gardenias under the moon.

Tama suggests Patricia Carragon as a starlight fairy. . .

the goddess meows
Kishigawa’s good fortune
calico blessings

(Kishigawa is the depot where
Tama was station master)

Charlie Mehrhoff, suggesting starlight messages are based on love:

The sun rises in my heart, I call it love. 
Every leaf of me.

dreaming                     . . . Dennis Rhodes suggests starlit dreams
is what  
your mind does
when you
get out of
its way.

Frosty's (first) suggestion:     


Sinews of primeval goddesses     
stretch and shrink with sentient
engagement in all dimensions
of earthen interaction, the
visceral foreshadows of their
forever sacred embrace.

Frosty's (second) suggestion. . .
'whoever will surely send further info via the next starlit night, and now, treats and belly rubs for all! (two treats for Jo Balistreri!)'

ok, Froster. . .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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