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Thursday, 8 October 2015

another avian vision at Greensides Farm sanctuary

I visited Greensides Farm this aft while I was getting the oil changed in my Sube. I clambered up the hill, enjoying the perfect autumn day until I reached the woods. Immediately I spotted a young doe ahead on the trail, and because I quickly froze, she continued browsing. My patience paid off, and after about five minutes another young doe joined her.  I watched them for a further five minutes, and then followed another path so as not to startle them.

gentle brown spirits
browse the stations of the cross

After wandering around among the stations of the cross on the hillside, I headed back downhill on my return to the garage. Near the entrance to the sanctuary I spied a pure white (albino?) blue heron stalking in the mud flats where the beaver pond has receded. Maybe not a full blown spiritual vision, but definitely a spiritual experience. (On my visit to Greensides for my spring oil change, I saw my first and only bluebird.)

stalking fresh mudflats
an albino blue heron 

                                          ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

October 9th, 2015

The sky was grey today, the heavy belly of clouds hung low trying to rain. There was little wind to stir the branches that hang over my back deck. The bird feeder was busy with threshing blue jays tossing seed to the ground as they greedily flailed for choice black sunflower seeds. A coo of mourning doves fluttered, casually pecking at the spilled seed, undisturbed by the chaos of blue that rustled overhead.
a coo of mourning doves
pecking at spilled seed

Tai/June bug

                                                       .   .   .   .   .   .

Thanks for the calming haibun, Tai. Definitely a thematic linkage. Think I'll add it to the Riffs & Ripps post  ;  )

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Richard Grove / Tai said...

Nice Cricket, very nice. all i can say is thank you.
june bug