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Friday, 7 August 2015

the defanged 'debate'/hoisting a pint above Peterborough Marina

NDP supporters greet NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair during a campaign stop at Del Crary Park in Peterborough, Ont. Friday, Aug. 7, 2015. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER/POSTMEDIA NETWORK 
Mulcair in Peterborough August 7/15:  from Peterborough Examiner

I went to Pete. to hear our next PM. He was schedded to speak at the Peterborough marina at 1:30, & for once I got there early. I wandered around the big beautiful waterfront park - think it's on Little Lake - very beaut. place. Then at 1:30 I gathered with the faithful & stood under a tree for half an hour. No Mulcair. Fuck that! I clambered to the upper deck of the marina pub & had a nice pint of specialty beer, crispy shrimp & fries. When Mulc finally made his grand entrance over half an hour late - effin' politkos AREN'T the ROLLING STONES, for fuck's sake, I was halfway thru my pint and had finished the shrimp. I duly waved my little orange Mulc sign from the top of the balcony, way above the silly sheeple below.

Of course I couldn't hear a word at that distance, but I duly flapped my sign around when the sheeple demonstrated signs of excitedness  ;  ) If it's on the news, I'm the guy in the green shirt, hoisting a beer mug & lazily flapping the orange Mulc sign above the pub railing, saluting the gulls as much as Mulc.

I watched the debate last night start to finish. The candidates were all pretty easy on each other, and Mulc had a very unnatural forced smile pasted on for the first half.  Scary. Like watching Gary Perly smile at you!  Finally Mulc relapsed to his question period form, & everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The general consensus among the talking heads is that the whole shebang was a draw. No blood let, & the 3 should have ganged up against Harper, instead of trying to posture regal  ministerial form.

If anyone 'won', it was the 2 longshots, Justin & Lizzy. Justin went after Harper first, & I'd say with the most heartfelt emotion. Lizzy did a good job of bringing up environmental issues & also appeared strong on other stuff - as the talking heads noted, she'd done her homework! She very much showed she belongs in the debates - she should be our first real woman PM one day - I was very impressed with her.

It was really Mulc who just had to show up with his pants on (& his pasted smile). Lizzy had nothing to lose, & she gained a lot of national cred - again, the THeads say her performance should guarantee her reelection in her riding. Ditto Justine. He didn't come across as the airhead he is, sad to say. He's got media savvy, & he does have balls, which most politikos lack. One day he prob will be PM - this campaign will be a training wheels session for him. 

View of Marina from water
Peterborough Marina - great place to enjoy a beer on the upper deck!

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