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Saturday, 22 August 2015

People's Poet nominee posthumously: Ian David Arlett

Hi Chris,

I was recently seeking out an old friend who exhibited at my gallery,
Ian David Arlett. I learned he died from a heart attack a while back and I mourn him.
He was a phenomenal painter but more so, an astounding performer poet.

I'd like him to be granted the title of People's Poet Posthumously. He truly is the heir to Milton Acorn.

Here's the only video recording I have located online- he is a young man here. A little inebriated. He would have been around my vintage I think, maybe younger. I'm curious---where is that CBC footage?

There's an Ottawa poet blogger Ward Maxwell (blog "Spring") collecting reminiscences of him and if you are sufficiently intrigued by Ian you could contact him for more information. I'd be happy to give time to this effort so he won't be lost.


Ian Arlett at City Stage: two poems
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