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Monday, 23 February 2015

red and russet day at ZenRiver Gardens

I figured I'd better crank up the Sube to check the new battery, & this may be the best day for a test drive, as snow is forecast  tomorrow. I walked Chase to the mail boxes, & then we drove out to ZRG for a visit. The snow was the deepest ever. Chase wisely refrained from following me when I broke trail to the shack. Everything looks gorgeous, & there were a fair number of birds. The bright red sumac seed heads sure show up against the fresh, deep snow. The snow is so deep, this is the first winter I can remember not finding animal tracks crisscrossing everywhere. 

snow too deep for deer
nuthatches flicker among
red sumac heads


Then Chase & I wandered back towards the quarry. The trail to the quarry hadn't been driven over by snowmobiles, so we took the left fork for a change & walked towards the Wiley sugar shack. When we crested the first hill, a gorgeous red fox sauntered away from us. Nothing moves very quickly in this deep snow, even wild animals. It was a large fox, one of the biggest I've seen, & it's thick fur was a gorgeous russet red. I got to watch it meander off for almost a minute. It must have winded us, but the snow was too deep for it to run. All in all, a red and russet day at ZenRiver Gardens!

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