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Friday, 5 December 2014

TD Bank killing small towns (found on Craigslist Toronto "rants and raves")

TD Bank killing small towns - 106 (Marmora)

age : 106

Head office of the TD bank recently announced they're closing the TD branch in our small town of Marmora. There's been a bank here since 1908, but now the greed heads who manage TD have decided that the 1 3/4 billion profit they posted yesterday FOR THIS YEAR isn't enough. The local bank workers will be laid off, and local businesses will have to do their payrolls through branches in other villages.

A high percentage of the residents of our area are seniors. The nearest TD branches are in villages which are at least 18 kms (over 10 miles) away. This means seniors will have to drive round trip for at least an hour to do their banking, or hire a taxi or pay a friend to transport them.

TD Bank has a stupid video on youtube glorifying their concern for their customers. This is BS! The TD is showing its complete disregard for the welfare of the 4,500 residents of our rural community by committing to close our century old bank.

Think long and hard about whose hands you're putting your life savings in.

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