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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stop the closing of Marmora TD Bank - GIVE TD the DTs!

Hi Typhany,
I'm pleased the Township is taking a strong and activist position regarding the TD Bank's announced closure. Cancelling the Township's business dealings with TD is an excellent method of demonstrating local opposition, as are the various local petitions, especially the "intention to transfer" declaration.

I believe the most important tool we have is public exposure and embarrassment of the TD Bank's actions - they make billions of dollars a year in profits, and loudly proclaim their support for their customers, and yet they're going to force seniors to drive an hour round trip to do our future banking. They are also going to weaken the business infrastructure of our already fragile little community.

A suggestion to get some media attention is to hold weekly vigils outside the TD building. If we organize  weekly vigils, with seniors holding canes, standing with walkers, & parked in their medi-chairs, this will provide a powerful image of the hardship TD Bank's closure will impose on the most vulnerable citizens of Marmora. My thought would be to hold consecutive vigils, on the same day of the week. The first vigil should get some media, perhaps from Belleville and Peterborough. The media feeds off itself, so if we hold a series of vigils, the provincial and natIonal media will have a chance to send their crews to record our struggle with a big bank. People love 'David versus Goliath' battles.

A few slogans have been proposed by friends: GIVE THE TD THE DTs!


I'm most willing to help organize a vigil, or better, a series of vigils.

Chris (Faiers)

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On 2014-12-03, at 11:03 AM, Typhany Choinard wrote:


December 3rd  2014

Marmora and Lake Continues to Respond to TD Canada Trust Marmora Branch Closure

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake continues to respond to the TD Canada Trust Marmora Branch Closure. “The announcement is devastating to the community and we continue with efforts to encourage TD to reconsider. We are however also investigating other options” stated Reeve Clemens.

Should the TD Canada Trust decision be final the Municipality of Marmora and Lake will no longer be an account holder. It is our intention to become valued customers of a financial institution located within Marmora and Lake. Should a new financial institution not be recruited, our intention to leave TD Canada Trust remains.

The municipality is encouraging citizens who feel the same way to join us in signing the “Financial Institution Transfer Intention Declaration” which is available at Town Hall. This will be a valuable tool in the recruitment of an alternative financial institution.

The municipality recognizes there are many petitions in the community and requests that copies of petitions also be forwarded to the Municipal Office.

Municipality of Marmora and Lake
12 Bursthall St Box 459
Marmora, Ontario
K0K 2M0

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake extends thanks to the County of Hastings, Member Municipalities and Citizens who have supported efforts to retain a financial institution in our community.

For more information please contact:

Ronald F. Chittick, CAO

Typhany Choinard, CMO
Economic Development/Tourism Manager Deputy CAO
Municipality of Marmora and Lake

<December 3rd Press Release.pdf>

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On 2014-12-04, at 9:43 AM, Gail Taylor wrote:  Please view this link.

This is where I expressed my objection to what TD Bank was doing.  If you could get enough concerned people to write in the comment section of this YouTube video, I think it would make a difference.
Gail Taylor

Gail Taylor
Marmora, Ontario.

I want thank TD for closing down our only bank in our small rural community of Marmora, Ontario.  Seniors and people without transportation will have no bank.  Thank you for thinking of us and not putting money first.

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