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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

praise for bio of Pauline Johnson/PurdyFest #8 updates

Hi Simon & Mel,
Great that you & Mel are going to camp at ZRG for another PurdyFest! A lot of people are confirming early this summer, both for camping & for participating in other events like the symposium & the dam reading. So it looks like we're going to celebrate PF #8 & Pauline Johnson in style. I believe a number of Anna's friends are planning to camp at ZRG, so I'm looking forward to enjoying Chinese noodles cooked over a campfire again  ;  )  I know Patrick is planning to camp, & I'm hoping Katharine, Hans, Pearl & Brian et al will return for the umpteenth year - it's good we have so many regulars now, so things go smoothly at ZRG & all the events.

I finished reading Charlotte Gray's bio of Pauline Johnson a few days ago  (FLINT & FEATHER), & I highly recommend everyone interested in Canuck People's Poetry, or Canadian history, or First Nations issues, or feminism etc. etc. read it. Pauline was a real pioneer (wrong term to use?) in so many areas of Canuck culture & politiks. I've had a brief email exchange with Charlotte Gray, inviting her to PF, & altho she can't make it this summer, at least she's now aware of PurdyFesting & our overall People's Poetry projects.

The weekend before PF is the second annual A-frame Open House & picnic (Saturday, July 26th), & I've again agreed to proffer a Purdy poem or tale or two. It's a good chance to give a heads-up invite to all the people who attend A-frame functions, & a key organizer, Lindi Pierce, has requested copies of our Hidden Brook Press tribute on Big Al for sale & promo at A-frame functions. 

Congrats to Mel on her Fringe performances - it was fun enjoying the two of you give your street theatre show on the dam last summer - so Mel, I hope you'll share some of your gigs at the dam reading or at ZRG  ;  )  We need more performance art, music, art, crafts & stuff at the fests.

Hard to believe it's just a month to fest #8 - can't wait to see everyone,  share stuff & relapse by the river with good company ;  )

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase  Wrfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

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On 2014-07-02, at 9:54 AM, Gray Charlotte wrote:

Thanks, Chris -- lovely write-up.
And I'm happy to see that Brian and Pearl are among your regulars. Brian designed my wonderful website, and I've just discovered Pearl's lovely poetry blog.


                                             . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What a small world! Pearl & Brian have been to just about every PurdyFest. I know Brian is a techy, but I didn't know exactly what he did. Your website is beautifully designed, & yes, Pearl's blog is quirky & fun. She posted some great pics of an early fest, & Pearl also wrote a nice haiku sequence about ZenRiver for her blog. They're a real asset to the Canuck cultural scene. A lot of festers have told me they are now reading (& buying) F&F, so I hope there's a small spike in sales ;  )

peace &poetry power!
Chris & Chase   Wrfffffffffffffffffffffff!

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