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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Signing up for Marvin's Archives

Hi Marvin,
I wasn't able to retrieve my Sube from the mechanic until 5:30 yesterday aft, so as expected, I wasn't able to drive into TO for the launch. I did have an hour long update chat with Terry Barker this afternoon, & Terry succeeded in circulating both of the author's copies I'd requested from the editor, James Deahl. Twice over the course of the evening James kindly announced that these 2 archival copies of UNDER THE MULBERRY TREE were being circulated, with one copy designated for the special Marvin Orbach archives.

Terry said approx. 50 people were in attendance, & that likely all of the 12 - 14 readers signed both copies by their poems. As suggested, Terry also encouraged EVERYONE present to sign the copies as well - even the surprised young bartender was pleased to be asked  :  )  The usual suspects who attend many of our People's Poetry events like PurdyFests were present, & of course signed, & some even added spontaneous marginalia & commentary. It'll be very interesting to read these copies. I'll select the most 'marked up' copy & send it on to you as soon as I receive them from James. Many thanks to Terry, who spent much of his evening circulating our copies among the readers & guests alike.

Some of the signee readers are also regular 'PurdyFesters', like Kent Bowman, Mick Burrs, Terry Barker, James Deahl, Allan Briesmaster (Quattro editor for the book) & his artist wife Holly & poet daughter Clara,  Anna Yin & activist poet Patrick Connors. Other PF regulars who aren't in the antho, but who also attended & signed include David Day, Honey Novick, Joe Fiorito (Toronto Star columnist & his wife), PF videographer Henry Martinuk, PF photog Peter Rowe & wife Carol. Other reader/signees include Quattro publisher Luciano Iacobelli, Laurence Hutchman & Sarnia poets Lynn Tait & Debbie Oakum & Margaret Patricia Eaton (yup, THAT clan - flew in from Down East) etc. etc. - quite the gang!

Terry also met a Univ. of Calgary student, David Eso. Prior to the event David wasn't aware of your collection, but now he'll be scouring it (he's one of the contributors to MULBERRY TREE). 

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase Wrfffffffffffffffffffff!

Last night while surfing the web I found this page about your archives:   

Special Collections
Book Collections
Manuscript Collections
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Manuscript Collections » Literary and Art Archives (Canadian) » Marvin Orbach
Marvin Orbach


Marvin Orbach collection of archival material relating to
The Marvin Orbach Collection of Contemporary Canadian Poetry.
0.94 m of textual records.

Canadian librarian and book collector Marvin Orbach was born in Toronto on June 13, 1940, and moved to Montreal in 1951 where he has lived ever since. He received his B.A. and two library science degrees from McGill University. He worked at Concordia University Library,  first as a cataloguer, and then as a reference / selection librarian, for a total of 39 years. Now retired, he devotes much of his time to building his collection of Canadian poetry: his love of Canada, his love of books, his love of poetry, and his collector's instinct, all combined to make him a passionate lifelong collector of Canadian poetry. Mr. Orbach's dream is to create a collection that reflects the poetic soul of a nation.

Fonds consists of archival material included as inserts or sent along with the books donated by M. Orbach. Includes: manuscripts and published poems by, and correspondence with, Rienzi Crusz; correspondence (including email) with and poems by many other Canadian poets such as Henri Beissel, Anne Cimon, Chris Faiers, Ralph Gustavson, David Helwig, Susan Ioannou, Irving Layton, Seymour Mayne and Sharon H. Nelson; interviews by M. Orbach with Sharon H. Nelson and Artie Gold; broadsides by Mavis Jones, John Newlove, Jay Rugesky, Fred Wah and Dale Zieroth; publishers' press releases; reading notices; bookmarks and book wraps; poem cards; and miscellaneous items removed from books.
Donated by Marvin Orbach between 2002 and 2013.
Text in English.
No restrictions on access.
Further accruals expected.
MsC 365


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Jan. 17, 2014

Hi Chris,
     Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done   to make Calgary's copy of the Souster book a real treasure.   And thank you very much to your colleagues who assisted you.  This book will be an outstanding addition to the collection.  I am looking forward to holding it in my hands and reading the inscriptions..   Wow!!!
       The piece that you sent on my archival collection has been around for a while.  A few months  ago I requested that your name be added to it. The Univ. of  Calgary Library, Special Collections,  has been doing a marvelous job of looking after the collection.
        A big thank-you for doing so much to help preserve  our  country's literary heritage.
        It was my lucky day   when I first met you.
        Marvin, in Montreal West.

                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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