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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Memories of My Mom (Gail Taylor)

Memories of My Mom

Marvelous Mavis... what was in that name?
Dad would call her Alma or that woman
when he was impatiently waiting for her
Her brother, Jeff, nicknamed her Tamer
for all her feistiness and determination
She was Aunt Mavis to many,
great grandma to six
She has been Mom to five,
grandma to four 
and she has been called a blessing
by the countless children in the hospital
who wear her hats and slippers
or play with her crocheted animals
She was called a radical by the Weed Man
or maybe something worse
She was called friend by her neighbours
and Miss Daisy by the cab drivers
with whom she has long conversations
but most of all she was called Love
                    by all those whose lives she has touched.

Mom died Sunday night.


Gail Taylor


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