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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ACORNucopia: pic of missing Acorn-bissett book/update emails Acorn tribute (Mosaic Press)/

front cover, by attachment, of the missing & unpublished Bissett-Acorn poetic missive---hope you find this of some value. (thanks to Ron Dart)

 Thanks, Stan, for your help!
Yeah, it's time to start putting a major push on getting material for this tribute. Milt deserves as much publicity & recognition as we can get for him. Terry Barker & I  had a good chat a couple of hours ago on how to proceed with the final roundup  :  ) Terry met with Howard last Friday, & it's all systems go with Howard.  Another editor, Bruce Meyer, is hard at work finding & soliciting the critical pieces we still lack. This will be quite the book!

Terry is going to write up a list asap of the (potential) contributors, their pieces, & genres to date, & I plan to post this on my blog when I receive it. This will give us a better idea of the scope of the book so far, & help us to solicit work from all the poets/academics/friends/family/lovers/comrades etc. who still haven't sent their contributions on Milt.

peace & poetry power!
On 2013-09-10, at 1:18 PM, S Rogal wrote:

Great, thanks!  I've let a few others know.  Maybe they'll respond.


Subject: Re: Acorn homage by Stan Rogal
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 11:26:14 -0400
To: srogal

Hi Stan,
Things are moving well, but slowly, on Milt's tribute book. We knew from the start that this project would require a lot of literary digging, networking & patience  :  )  We are still looking for contributions, altho we have now received a substantial number (enough to assure Mosaic publisher Howard Aster that the book is a go). The editorial committee hopes to meet soon with Howard to start the final preparation of the manuscript. Please pass the word around, & we are now especially looking for critical 'academic' pieces on Milt & his poetry & legacy.

Thanks again for your contribution AND patience. We'll let everyone know when the book has progressed further.

peace & poetry power!
Chris (Faiers)

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